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Opinions of Monday, 5 April 2021

Columnist: Racheal Asiedua Ayeh

Inside Asiedua's Pot: A spotlight on Anas Aremeyaw Anas; a hero to behold

Investigative Journalist,  Anas Aremeyaw Anas Investigative Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas

This unending question keeps niggling at the back of every well meaning Ghanaian and persons across the globe who have revered the relentless quest to root out corruption from our sub regions and beyond.-Where is the Tiger-Anas Aremeyaw Anas?

Over the many years, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and the Tiger Eye PI team- a famous private investigative firm in Ghana have played vital roles in the fight against corruption and human right abuses across Africa with some of their popular exposés being the Torture Chamber Of Bangkok Prisons in Thailand (2006), Soja Bar Prostitution (2007), Humans for Sale: Dons Exposed (2008), Orphans Home Of Hell– Osu (2010), Enemies of the Nation (2011), Ghana in the Eyes of God (2015), Number 12 (2018) and many heart wrenching exposés.

Many of these exposés have shocked nations and have received world wide commendations and applause. Equally, his works have received condemnations from the “bad guys” and persons who have disagreed to the ‘Anas principle' and his style of unearthing corrupt officials.

Perhaps the Tiger has hushed up and cooking something big; perhaps the Tiger has suffered enough intimation that has hibernated his grand styles and his agility in rooting out corruption in Ghana, and sub Sahara Africa…. Could it be that the Tiger and his crew have suffered enough condemnation which has affected their passion to root out corruption in Ghana and beyond?

Could it also be the fear of loosing more fearless investigators following the brutal murder of Ahmed Huseine Suale? These are many but few unending questions we keep asking most especially in a time where corruption has become lucrative and is swept beneath the carpet and the players are glorified to champion it instead of facing trials and prosecution.

Could it also be political intolerance or corruption infested governance, impunity on the side of government and party stalwarts making it tough tasking for the Tiger? It could be this or that but one thing is certain; the silence of the Tiger is as evident as corruption in Ghana. This and many other questions whirl through the mind of many Ghanaians with eluding answers.

Knowing how Anas will periodically release exposés to keep ‘the bad guys’ on their toes and all of a sudden, the versatile, fearless, patriotic and politically non-aligned journalist together with his team whose exposés have shocked nations and traveled across oceans has been missing and as if nothing works here anymore. The daylight pen robberies, the scramble for the nation’s money and the desire of some selected few hiding at corners in this country; pillaging the future of generations yet to be born. As if no one is watching…. We all look on unconcerned.

Money exchange hands even in the open and publicly yet it’s becoming increasingly political suicidal to prosecute and persecute perpetrators. As if no one is watching; the tag “Anas is watching” is conspicuously missing, making many meander their ways through corners and coffers for their booty and extort what is to be dully disbursed.

It’s a worrying phenomena which needs national attention if we really want to build a country we can be proud of- Even in our graves.

I am using this medium to raise the conscience flag, fly it high in the minds of every Ghanaian to have a deeper retrospection and introspection about the services we render this country.

I’m tasking Teachers, Lecturers, Doctors, Farmers, Nurses, Bankers, Lawyers and all public servants, private sectors, individuals doing their own business to help fight the raging corruption which in very near years will render us into killing ourselves for food.

I am by this also appealing to the Tiger eye PI to mass up again and again, head on to places malfeasance roar its ugly heads and combat them head on.

Wherever you are; Anas Aremeyaw Anas, Ghanaians can’t wait to see you uncover the many rots in our public and private sectors.

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