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Opinions of Thursday, 26 March 2020

Columnist: Bright Barwuah

Indecisiveness of former president John Mahama

Former President John Dramani Maham Former President John Dramani Maham

The trusted and advisors of the former President JDM made us understand that, President Akuffo-Addo hates to see the Former President at events where the former President will be attending. The chief advisor of the former President, Stan Dogbe, wrote on the 8 march, 2020 ‘Nana Addo, does not like it, in fact he hates the idea of John Mahama presence at events and programs he is also at.

By this logic, the former President (JDM) will not attend any event or program the current President(Nana-Addo) will also attend. Stan is the mouth piece of JDM and everything he says is considered to be the words of the Former President.

Then on March 16, 2020 we woke up to see the former President walking at the seat of the government ie Jubilee house attending a meeting called by the current President whom we are made to believe hates the presence of the former President JDM.

The advisor of the former President Stan Dogbe answer these questions for us;

1.Is going to Jubilee house to meet other former Presidents and President Akuffo-Addo not an event?

2.What event is more important than the State of the Nation Address and Independence celebration?

3. And what happened to the President’s hate for the former President John Dramani Mahama?

The former President should explain to Ghanaians what he wants and what he left at the Jubilee house that makes him loves to attend meetings at the Jubilee house and not attend state events. The former President must exhibit statesmanship and stop listening to small- small boys advise from Stan Dogbe and Lawyer Tamakloe because the state is catering for him and his family.

In an unlikely event, if the former President wins the 2020 election, is he going to take what he is taking as a former President or he’s going to take what is due him as a sitting President? I am asking this question because under his stewardship his appointees were caught for double salaries and allowances.

I cannot end by asking former President John Mahama’s opinion on these high profile issues;

1. Who is the official one in the Airbus saga?

2. What should happen to his appointees and his party parliamentarians who took double salary?

3. What’s he going to do differently from what he did when he was in power?

4. What are his social intervention policies for the country when voted to power?

5. When is he naming his running mate?

God bless our homeland Ghana God bless us all

Bright Barwuah