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Opinions of Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Columnist: Yahaya, Tanko Ali

NDC's Phanton Sympathy For The Zongo And Northerners

.A Reality Or An Illusion?

If the late dictator, Dr Nkrumah had not passed the avoidance of
discrimination act, I may have been an active member of the Muslim
Association Party(MAP) Today.
I do not agree with Nkrumah on ideological and
principle grounds, But I wholeheartedly agree with Nkrumah for the
passage of the avoidance of discrimination act. What ever it is, it
has safeguard the unity of our nation in one way or the other.
Of all the articles I have written on ghanaweb, my
critics have failed to deflate the substance of my points and so
therefore, have engaged in personality attack and the usual cliche of
inferiority complex and ethnocentric remarks.
The demagogues in the NDC, in a dogmatic and a
mediocre fashion, claim that the NPP is an Akan party and so it is
anti-Zongo .Because those demagogues in the NDC are suffering from
selective amnesia, they pretend to forget that,it was the founder
of their NDC Party, ex-president Rawlings who commited an illegality
on the nation by overthrowing a democratically elected president in
the person of Dr Hilla Liman.
As the first chief executive of Ghana from the
Northern and Upper regions, the late Dr Liman's passport was siezed by
the P/NDC tyrannical regime. And he was marooned by Rawlings and his
midnight advisers to die an impecunious man.
Despite this blatant humiliation that one of our
own, the late Dr Liman, went through under the P/NDC government, the
hero worshippers, both from the Zongo and the three Northern regions,
regard Rawlings and the NDC, as their political deity.
Those who are alleging that there's someone behind
using me to fight the NDC, I pity them for their lack of self belief.
The fact that they don't have a mind of their own does not mean that
,I am not my own man like they are. My free advice to them is that
,knowledge is not the preserve of only one peculiar tribe, persons, or
group of people. Knowledge is in the book, and anyone who pursue it
with passion and truth will excell in every human endeavour.. Wether
you are from a squalor or East Legon, you can avail yourself of
knowledge like I am doing, and the sky will be the stepping stone.
I am a Sabon Zongo boy from Kumasi. I know the
inside out of the Zongo community in Kumasi, from Yalwa Zongo, Ayigya
Zongo, Moshie Zongo, Aboabo, Sawaba etc. I am
ready to debate about the Zongo on intellectual lines, either
politically, socially, and traditionally.
The die is cast and those populists, demagogues,
spinners, bigots and the dogmatists who have been polluting the Zongo
community with fallacies and intellectual dishonesty should expect
nothing from me but merciless, factual, intellectual, and constructive
scrutiny from me from now onwards. Before the infamous Swedru
declaration, there were Northerners who have toiled for the P/NDC.
There were the likes of Hudu Yahaya, Mahama Iddrisu, Ibrahim Adam etc.
but the former president Rawlings, undemocratically handpicked an Akan
in the person of the late president Mills to lead the NDC. Rawlings,
the political hero of most Zongorians and Northerners did not even see
the need to choose a Northerner to compensate us for the day light
robbery he perpetuated on the late Dr.Liman. And to add salt to an
injury, he chose an Akan who was not even a party man to reap where
he had not sown at the expense the Northerners who have laboured for
the NDC.
What baffles me the most is that those same NDC
propagandists turn back to label the NPP as an Akan party, and most of
us do not detect these double standards and sheer hypocrisy. If the
likes Dr. Omane Boamah, Kwadwo Twum Boafo, James Agyenim Boateng,
Kobby Acheampong, Felix Ofosu Kwakye, Dr.Tony Aidoo, Betty Mould
Iddrisu, Afrifa Yamoa Ponkoh etc. all Akans are having a field day
looting the nation on the ticket of the NDC, Then what moral right do
the NDC propagandists have to tag the NPP as an Akan Party? those
looting brigade do not give the Zongorians and Northerners the chance
to have a little bite at the cherry, but they claim to be for
Zongorians and Northerners ignorance is darker than the darkness of
the night indeed.

Tanko Ali Yahaya,
Independent Minded Zongorians.