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Opinions of Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Columnist: Atampobire, Komershall

In The Appointment Of An Upper East Regional Minister

Once again, another election has ended and the president elect, Mr John Mahama ha been successfully sworn in to begin his four year mandate to deliver his mandate and promises made to the electorates.

The president in his desire to work and give hope to the electorate will require a solid team to deliver his mandate. Even before the President settles down in his chair, heavyweights on the political front have kick-started strong lobbying in a bid to take over the job of the Mr Mark Woyongo who on account of his elections as MP for Navrongo Central has finished his four year tenure as Regional Minister.

A recent statement issued by a youth group in Bongo in the Upper East Region advocated the need for his Excellency, President Mahama to consider a person from the Bongo district to the position of the Upper East Regional Minister. The call by the Bongo District Youth Consensus for Development (BDYCD) stems from the fact that the district like all others in the region has competent people who can perform creditably well when handed that office. But the bigger picture was the fact that considering that the ruling governing party has enjoyed the full support of the people of the district since 1992 but despite this unflinching support the party has never appointed a person from the district to that high office in the region. They explained further that their request is been made in the spirit of fairness, equity and balance in the distribution of political appointment for the unity and development of the area and political support for the party "We the youth of Bongo wish to assure the His Excellency the President and everybody in the NDC party that we are not by this request seeking to play down the critical factor of competence and other important factors that constitute the criteria for appointments of such nature but, we are seeking for fairness. "Again we are not also seeking to sow seed of division; we are seeking to draw attention to a to a worrying gap we believe deserves to be closed. We urge the good people of the Upper East Region to see wisdom in our request and support our call for the right thing to be done." But considering, the culturally diverse population of the region, measures have been put by the party structures to ensure appointments are equitably distributed. This arrangement has seen since 1992, two persons from the east zone and two from the west zone as well as one person from the BONABOTO (Bolgatanga, Nabdam, Bongo and Tongo areas). Messrs Sherif Gumah and Cletus Avoka representing the East have had their terms as regional minster, from the west, Messrs Godfrey Abulu and Mark Woyongo representing the West have also had a go at the seat as regional. With the current appointments of Messrs Mahama Ayarigah and Mark woyongo as ministers of Information and defends respectively again satisfies the East and West zones. The BONABOTO Zone have had only one person, in the person of Mr Donald Adabire Adabre having a shot at the seat. Naturally, it's the turn of the BONABOTO zone to produce a candidate to fill that vacancy to balance the equation. With the long list of qualified persons that have lined up their CVs and among them are the serving regional secretary of the party, Mr Donatus Akamugri. As noted by some other people, I sincerely believe the Upper East Region needs a young, strong, progressive and visionary leader to push the development agenda of the region and to adequately project the government of president Mahama. Mr Donatus Atanga Akamugri , was born at Namoo-Nayorigo in the Bongo District of the Upper East Region on 15 September, 1969. He is married with children. Mr. Akamugri started his primary education at Zorko Goo Primary School in 1977 and went to the Notre Dame Minor Seminary Senior Secondary School in Navrongo in the Upper East region. He proceeded to Bolgatana Senior High School in 1988/89 to persue his sixth form education before continuing to the University of Education, Winneba in1993 for a Diploma in Mathematics and Social Studies. He also undertook a Bachelor of Education of Education degree at the same university in the year 2000. In 2012 he enrolled at the same university for a MA in human rights.

Mr. Akamugri taught as a National Service personnel in Zorko Goo Primary School between 1990 - 1992. From there, he was employed as a teacher at a Bolgatanga Girls Senior Secondary School where he taught Mathematics and Social Studies. In 2009, he was appointed as the Upper East Regional Coordinator of the Ghana School Feeding Programme, a position he still occupies.

Politically, Mr. Akamugri has been an active player in the Upper East region. Between 1989 and 1992 he occupied the position of Administrative Secretary of the CDR of Bakungu Zone in the Bongo District. He later moved on to become the Bongo Constituency Youth Organizer of the National Democratic Congress in 1993. He also acted as the Deputy Regional Youth Organizer and ultimately the Regional Youth Organizer of the party in 1995.

In 1998, Mr Akamugri contested and won the position of regional secretary of the NDC, a position in which he effectively administered the party and saw the win the 2008 election in the region and retain the party's dominance over the region in 2012. Per his position, he is also a member of the National Executive Committee where his contributions have help in the party winning the 2008 and 2012 general elections.

At the local level, he was elected I opposed as Assemblyman of the Nayorigo -Bungo Electoral Area in the Bongo District in 1998. He reigned for 12 solid years due to his dedication and commitment to grassroots development. In 2002 to 2007, Mr Akamugri was elected the Presiding Member of the Bongo District and also occupied positions as convener of various sub-committees of the Assembly during his twelve years of service as assembly man.

Mr Akamugri has no doubt paid his due both to his people and the party having successfully steered it in his capacity as Regional Secretary and saw the party gain roots in the region, something that is evident in the number of seats won the the party and the votes obtain by he late President Mills in 2000 and President Mahama in the just ended elections.

Komershall Atampobire