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Opinions of Sunday, 11 May 2014

Columnist: Eyiah, Joseph Kingsley

In Remembrance of my Mother

.....and on behalf of All Whose Mothers have passed on-Mother’s Day Letter!

Hello Sweet Mother,
Happy Mother’s Day! Though you maybe dead, you were the SWEETEST MOTHER ever! Gone, but you still epitomize true “Mother” and essence of motherhood!! Should I say that only on this day? Anyway the world has come to accept May 13 every year as Mother’s Day so let me use this special occasion to remember you as the best mother I ever had in this world and also congratulate all mothers.
You were the first woman in my life, so I knew you more than any other woman in my life. You gave me milk of life that eventually developed my teeth for chewing bones. No other woman in my life ever taught me how to eat, sleep and walk. I learned to walk on your encouragement, to sleep on your lullaby and, to eat from your hands!
You sometimes thought of me as that naughty little baby boy who made your clothes smell with pee. You could not imagine me shave my beard to have a smooth face. Yes! Distance and time changed me yet I was and still am your little boy who would forever love you!
Some women may curse me but you did not! They may wish me dead when I am being stubborn but you always wished me long life. You were always there for me, through thin and thick. I thanked God that I could to see you depart from this world at your blessed age of 96 years-a gift from God I that I would forever be grateful.
I couldn’t repay you for all the care you took of me when lying on my cradle bed! Money that I spent on you did not compensate for that.
I prayed and you grew older to see me grow old! Today, you are peacefully sleeping in the Lord till that Resurrection Morning when I would see you again. Rest in peace!
Happy Mother’s Day, mom!
God keep you in His bosom.
Kofi Eyiah