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Opinions of Saturday, 24 November 2007

Columnist: Bright, Chief Obiba

In A Quest For A New Leader

- A Humble Opinion By A Patriot

While New Patriotic Party is preparing to select a flag bear to lead the party and subsequently our beloved country Ghana, I pray that they choose a God fearing person. With our democracy still more or less in it's infancy we need a leader with a strong sense of vision and diligence, a leader whom will be prepared to use their time in power to nurture our Democracy without fear or favour. The qualities of a leader are meant to be varied, charm, eloquence and affluence are very desirable but on their own they are insufficient grounds for choosing a leader of a nation. Therefore I beseech all those honourable people who are going to seek out this person, to look really deep down at the calibre of the candidates and as difficult as that will be, by their fruit you will know them. We need a leader a leader who is free of any deep rooted tribal sentiments and is genuinely willing to curb the abuse of nepotism in our country which has left many graduates unemployed.
Please choose us a leader who will be prepared to take the bull by its horns, who will be daring enough to make unpopular decisions which are necessary to propel Ghana upwards. We always compare ourselves to Malaysians forgetting the hard choices that they made and the sacrifices that they had to make before their country got to where it is now. Our new leader should help to guide us as a nation into evaluating our priorities and attitude to life which have become more and more questionable over the years. This leader should rather be discouraging common laments such as the infamous “We Don’t Get Money”, we should rather be encouraged to say “How Can We Work Harder, Smart, and Together To Get Money”.
CEPS is the biggest source of revenue for the government, surely it needs to be fully equipped with all the necessary surveillance equipment and current computer support to enable it’s workforce to minimise the actual corruption that exist and to investigate any perceived corruption. This change on its own ought to improve if not to double the revenue gathered. I give credit to President Kuffour and his government for putting prudent economic policies in place and for enabling the construction of quality roads. I believe that now our biggest obstacle to making Ghana a success once again is corruption. This must be tackled from the very top, working through the Judiciary, the Police, the Civil Services and so on otherwise, no matter how ingenious our policies are, we will forever be running around in circles wit a bleak future for the majority and a bright future for the greedy few.
Finally brother and sisters please choose someone who not only “talks the talk” but is also willing to “walk the walk”, as words without actions are merely words and words cannot feed hungry mouths or stop greedy hands. Remember that Jesus preached against selling wares in his father’s house but his words failed to remove those greedy traders, he had to take up a cane to remove them from that holy place, so I pray that you take heed of this divine example of action. May God help you to choose for us a leader who will be visionary and indeed a living example of honesty for us all.
Good Luck Chief Obiba Bright