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Opinions of Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Columnist: Nyarko, Stallone

Impunity institutionalized.

By Stallone Nyarko.

Pause, Peruse, Ponder; Impunity Institutionalized!

Folks, hope u readily recall the 'Akufo Addo breast fondling Saga'?. yeah, that's what we called it. Some Propagandists latched on to a political documentary dubbed 'An African election' produced by Jarret Merz, took a part of it which contained scenes of the Flag bearer of the then ruling NPP being prepared by a make-up artist for a television interview.

A friendly gesture made by the eminent statesman in the full glare of the many people in the studio was doctored to look like an attempt by the man to touch the breast of the female make-up artist who was attending to him. This video was spread all over especially on the various social network platforms. The video became another political weapon for a political party in the just ended elections with their surrogates leeching so much from it. It did not see any condemnation because then the propagandist felt they had hit their enemy where it hurts the most. Today, various social network platforms are again being flooded with a despicable image of our President having sexual intercourse with a lady in an office.

Surprisingly, the very people who gleefully latched on to Akufo Addo's video in the past, are the once shouting their voices hoarse over how despicable this act is. It appears Asantehene's message contained in that public lecture came rather too late. The National goal has in a sinister way been perverted with what Kweku Baako calls, 'Petty, propaganda driven politics. Madness and Impunity has being institutionalized. We must however end the wanton Lunacy somewhere. What is good for the goose is surely good for the gander.

A nation calls for duty Now!