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Opinions of Thursday, 6 June 2013

Columnist: Appiah-Yeboah, Kwame

Impotent President as Chinese Rape Ghana

I am angry and disappointed with the leadership or lack of leadership on the part of John Dramani Mahama, president of Ghana. My disappointment and anger is about his lack of leadership concerning illegal Chinese miners ravaging Ghana. Per the laws of Ghana, small and medium scale mining is reserved for Ghanaians and Ghanaians only. But what are we seeing? Chinese of all heights, shapes, colors, and characters are wantonly engaging in mining activities all over Ghana. The activities of the Chinese is so brazen that they carry guns in the open; AK47s to be specific.

There is an old African saying that if you play with a dog, it will lick your lips. It looks like our penchant for borrowing and accepting any and every aid, has finally caught up with us. We took Chinese money and accepted terms that included Chinese laborers to build the four stadia for CAN 2008 (Thank you JAK and Mr. Uglyman Osafo Marfo) . Didn't we have enough laborers in Ghana? Didn't we have enough unemployed in Ghana? Well, the Chinese came and built the stadia, impregnated local girls, and never left. Like ants, they went back with word of a country ripe for the picking. Just so you know there are a billion plus in the nest waiting to invade Ghana.

Fast forward to 2013 and more Chinese are streaming into Ghana. Apparently, word has gotten back to the overcrowded 'nest' that Ghana is a place where the law is broken. An impotent and dummy president has succeeded another dummy president. Any foreigner can lease a piece of land and start digging for gold. Then more Chinese came. And the Triads and gangs got involved. They started smuggling even more Chinese and equipment and then guns. Your guess is as good as mine- Chinese made AK47s into Ghana.

The end result is a Chinese takeover of small and medium scale mining in Ghana-the very preserve for Ghanaians for which all foreigners are barred. Then the nonsense started. Local we're being displaced from their lands. Locals were being bought for their lands. Locals were getting killed for standing up for their lands. The end results: Forest reserves invaded, Farms and plantations destroyed, Streams and rivers polluted, Landscape destroyed. Then to add insult to injury a Chinese official had the nerve to tell a Ghanaian minister to control media reporting of incidents involving illegal Chinese miners. For his information, the press in Ghana is free to report what they deem fit, unlike the muzzled, shackled, and toothless media in China.

All this while John Dramani sits down unconcerned with his ding dong between his legs as the Chinese continue to rape Ghana. What is the use of a president if he cannot protect his people from the plague of Chinese? The lack of leadership on the part of John Dramami Mahama is appalling. This is not about politics of NDC and NPP. (I don't give a rat's ass about either party.) This is about mother Ghana. Our one and only homeland Ghana. This is about failing as a leader to protect your people. Being president is not about flying around the world and driving in motorcades, wining and dining on filet mignon, sipping Riesling and Sauvignon wine. If John Mahama cannot instruct his security forces to deal with the Chinese, who even the blind can identify, how is he going to deal with other west African migrants who look like Ghanaians. In case JDM is not aware, the guns and lawlessness being perpetuated by the Chinese is a threat to his presidency. I hope JDM is thinking beyond his personal comfort and looking at completing his first term. The lack of leadership by John Mahama makes me angry.

John Dramani Mahama, time to show some leadership and do something about the Chinese invasion. Show us that you are potent and has fire in your belly.

Concerned and Angry Ghanaian