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Opinions of Friday, 30 October 2015

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Impeach President Mahama And Remove Him From The Presidency

Kakistocracy is defined as a form of government by worst people and that is what we have in this Mahama Ndc administration. Ghana couldn't have asked anything worst than this corrupt riddled administration and the only reason this government is even thinking of winning the 2016 election is because Npp, the only viable alternative to this useless and corrupt 'Mafialike' government itself is in the throes of implosion.

It has been two days since Appiah Stadium, known in political circles as 'the President's Son', and Francis Dodovi, an outspoken NDC parliamentary aspirant at Suame in Kumasi, snatched a vehicle, registered GM 4718-12, at the Golden Tulip around 3pm from Akwasi Addai aka 'Odike' Presidential candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP) in the 2012 elections and no politician has since commented on what in any matured democracy would have resulted in a Presidential investigation that might lead to impeachment and removal of the President.

According to Appiah Stadium, known in political circles as 'the President's Son', he took Akwasi Addae Odike to the President prior to the 2012 election to pledge his support for President Mahama in exchange for financial benefits which included two vehicles and a lot of money. This, folks, is not my beef since such a gratuity can be defended as a personal gift. What Appiah stadium has alleged that makes it a crime and potential impeachment is how the President has supposedly used his influence to allow Kwasi Addae Odike to import goods into the country without paying import taxes and duties. Below is what Appiah stadium said on Adom Radio and reported by `Daily Guide.

"Confirming the incident to DAILY GUIDE, Appiah Stadium claimed that he led Odike to President Mahama prior to the 2012 elections, where he (Odike) begged for support from the President.According to him, Odike, at that time, assured the President that if the vehicle was given to him, he would campaign massively to help the NDC get more votes in order to hang onto political power and steer the affairs of the state.

Appiah Stadium claimed that President Mahama ordered them to go to his brother, Ibrahim Mahama, at the Gold House in Accra, who handed the two brand new Toyota Hilux Pick-up vans to Odike to begin working for the NDC.
According to him, the presidency also ordered several affluent people to support Odike's campaign with cash, adding that the UPP leader was also made to import his goods into the country free of import duties."

Folks, Appiah Stadium is very close to the President and this administration having himself benefitted immensely from his serial calling duties with at least two cars we know of and a house for just jumping from one radio station to another spastically ranting about the achievements of this administration.

Appiah Stadium, known in political circles as 'the President's Son being an illiterate and a mental midget or a windbag did not realize what he was saying will give credence to what a lot of Ghanaians know about President Mahama as being corrupt. By exchanging Odike's support to free him from paying taxes and import duties, the President has committed an impeachment crime. This is plain corruption.

If we have to believe what Appiah Stadium said and there is no reason to doubt him since one of the trucks was retrieved from Akwasi Addae Odike, then Mahama soliciting cash support for Odike to support him masquerading as a Presidential candidate himself with an enticement of cash and freedom from paying DUTIES and TAXES he Odike owes to the country is a crime perpetrated on Ghanaians by the President.

The Bureau of National Investigation(BNI) should initiate an investigation into this episode and arrest Akwasi Addae Odike for failing to pay duties and taxes for goods he imported into the country.

The Parliamentary Select Committee should also initiate investigation into this matter and use the information gathered to initiate an article of impeachment against President Mahama.

If Akwasi Addae Odike with a useless Party can get such a bumper financial deal from the President, one wonders how much Hassan Ayariga, the PNP Presidential candidate was paid to behave like a coughing crane dunderhead during the IEA debate in 2012. No wonder Akua Donkor has joined the Mahama kakistocracy government.

One wonders why cars given to Odike in 2012 is now being retrieved. According to Appiah Stadium, Odike did not fulfill his end of the bargain and his recent attack on the Presidency precipitated his action to retrieve the cars.

"Appiah Stadium observed that Odike, after benefitting hugely from the NDC administration, shockingly refused to fulfil his promise to President Mahama and the NDC administration.According to him, Odike after taking the cars in 2012 refused to campaign for President Mahama. "I watched him closely. He only started saying good things about President Mahama after he realised that the NDC had won the polls.He said what worried him most was Odike's recent verbal attacks on President Mahama on radio stations in Kumasi, saying, "He recently lambasted President Mahama for lacking ideas to develop the country.Appiah Stadium stated that he had realised that Odike, after benefitting immensely from the NDC government, wanted to switch to the NPP ahead of the 2016 elections "and this is unfair on his part".

Odike we all remember was singing Mahama praises like a canary during the 2012 campaign so it is not because he did not support Mahama in 2012 rather Mahama and his administration might have cut him off from his windfall and ODIKE has seen how the country is being destroyed economically.

Ghanaians should yearn for a Timocracy government instead of the Kakistocracy Ndc administration we have now. Mahama is corrupt, he has turned Ghana into a family business with Ibrahim Mahama and RLG Agambire and destroying the economy for personal graft.

Justice Sarpong