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Opinions of Sunday, 25 October 2015

Columnist: Antwi, Danny Opoku

Illegal NEC just covering up Financial Malfeasance

It has come to my surprise notice that the National Executive Committee (NEC) has suspended our National Chairman, Paul Awentami Afoko, at its meeting held on Friday, 23rd October, 2015. It kills my spirit to know that my beloved party is shamefully more interested in removing its National Chairman from office than getting John Mahama and his incompetent government out of power.

It is regrettable that this group of shameful persons who tried unsuccessfully to stop Paul Afoko from becoming National Chairman is obviously not interested in the progress of the party that will lead us into power. It has never been in their interest to have the constituencies empowered, because that will stop their long standing thievery and cheating of the hardworking party executives at the grassroots. The National Chairman and the General Secretary had death threats and all sorts of uneducated tactics from these pretentious regional chairmen who claim to be championing the cause of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, but, in fact, consciously supervise his constant defeat. I am sure that such persons are happy with this shameful action because they are, at least, assured that it will lead to another humiliating defeat of the party and our Flagbearer whose quest is the vehicle via which they enrich themselves.

The general party, Ghana, and the whole world should be informed by this avoidable action of NEC that, the financial malfeasance champion by the First-Vice Chairman, Freddy Blay, and the National Treasurer, Abankwa Yeboah, has the approval of all NEC members because majority of them have their hands dangerously and badly soiled in this mess. The question is: What happened to the investigation of the illegal creation and operation of the party's account at Ecobank involving the same criminally minded Freddy Blay and Abankwa Yeboah? Does it not ring a bell in the minds of party faithful that the same NEC members kept deceiving their constituency executives and the general grassroots members about the truth of that account which does not have the principal signatories of the party, National Chairman and the General Secretary on it, as dictated by the party's constitution? I am by this, calling on all external branches to take keen interest in how their financial supports are managed by party officers and possibly stop giving any funds to the party until NEC is able to account for the all monies misappropriated so far. As it stands now, the external branches are simply enriching lazy-minded national and regional party officers with their financial supports they send to the party; their support may just be in vain if care is not taken.

The Flagbearer and the leader of our party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, should bring his attention to the implications of this undermining action of NEC that has the intent to demonstrate a commitment that NO NORTHERNER is fit enough to lead our party because, indeed, we are an Akan party. This is divisive, insulting and sends a strong signal to all northerners in NPP that they have no future in the leadership front of our party as long as they remain northerners, and Dr. Bawumia should be interested in what is going on because it may just be a sign of his future in our great party with all these elements still around. Why? Can any NEC member be bold to state any specific violation of the party constitution that Paul Afoko is guilty of? Why are these wicked and greedy elements interested in setting aside our party's constitution, throwing out National Chairman like palace coup and fighting with our General Secretary and looting the coffers of the party while pretending to the Flagbearer about working in his interest? The Flagbearer and leader should ask himself why these sycophants will not allow any other person to get closer to him without the presence of those his supposed handlers and camp members. They have everything to hide from him. I call on the Flagbearer to show LEADERSHIP now, because these elements are acting in his name, otherwise, we will be left with no option than to believe that such persons work with his approval.

There is no strategic and serious minded group in opposition that will embattle its National Chairman at a time in our country when the ruling government is waving corruption, incompetence, and destroying our economy. NEC should be seen meeting and strategizing for victory 2016 for the party instead of this cheap way of trying to cover up the rot they have created, which has the potential of keeping our party in perpetual opposition to their advantage.

I am by this calling on all constituency executives across the country and all grassroots members of our beloved party to rise and fight for our National Chairman, Paul Afoko, because he is embattled today because he promised of resourcing the grassroots, and actually started sending GHC10, 000 to each constituency's accounts directly for the conduct of the ended parliamentary primaries. They must dare the NEC to state specific violation of the party's constitution they found Paul Afoko guilty of rather than "failing to honor the invitation of a committee," because the battle to get the National Chairman out started before the invitations of the said committee.

Long live the New Patriotic Party!

Long live Patriotism!

Long live Ghana!

Danny Opoku Antwi

NPP activist (USA)