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Ignorance of tribalism and racism must stop now
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Opinions of Sunday, 20 October 2013

Columnist: Assam, Balemwo

Ignorance of tribalism and racism must stop now

With that genuine innocent look, a smile on their faces, children will beam at anybody irrespective of your tribe or color. Children are so pure, innocent and pristine with regards to their perception about life in this world. They relate very well with anybody irrespective of your tribe or race. This goes on to proof that human beings are generally born good people from infancy, until they begin to associate themselves with their fellow human beings.

Parents, guardians and society play tremendous roles in the lives of every human being. None is born racist or bigot from their childhood. It’s their parents, guardians, and society that shape their perception about other tribes and races. Growing up from tolerant parents, guardians and society goes a long way to produce tolerant and color blind adults that blend well with the rest of the world.

In essence, it seems some pockets of the societies are still not prepared to relinquish their inimical upbringings and their negative perception about how they intend to live with others who differ from them in this world.

These types of people must be told in their faces that, all the different tribes and races in this world were created by Almighty God in his infinite wisdom and we are all here to stay together as long as the human race is permitted by our Creator to exist on this universe until Armageddon. There’s nothing the ethnocentric and the racist can practically do to stop or eliminate what they see about others.

These kinds of people need urgent consistent vigorous education to prune the negative perceptions of their inimical parochial view of this world. How long will the human race continue to wallow in the shadows of ignorance of that magnitude, in this era of our continued perceived civilization? Unfortunately, in spite of the milestones achieved, we are still crawling, so far as socialization with our fellow human being is concerned. Regrettably we keep on retrogressing socially due to our inability to cogitate about our lives appropriately to live in peace and harmony amongst ourselves as civilized human beings.

The Omnipresent, the Omnipotent, Almighty God who created this universe, knowing the beginning to the end of this world said with clarity in all religious books that matter in this world that, he created the human being in his own image.

So, it’s sad that we are still in this quagmire of ignorance but, sadly that’s the truth, and it’s a shame to us the human race. Especially if only we still believe in ourselves as human beings whom Almighty God created in his own image.

We are privileged with all the attributes others species never had, and yet our behavior of living peacefully with each other is still a daunting task.

Stimulating memories of the past unraveled from the primitive Stone Age, when mankind knew nothing with regards to civilization continue to be amazing. Primitive, until with time mankind had to impulsively use flint stones to light fire for warmth and to cook their meat.

The savage greed of unflinching unrelenting conflicts and wars that ignited tribes against tribes and nations against nations in their persistent pursuit to dominate other tribes and kingdoms are completely insurmountable to comprehend.

The brutality of the barbaric slave trade to sum it up, took some consequential efforts by gallant heroes and heroines through perspiration, tears and brutal wars that claimed numerous lives to emancipate this heinous evil in our societies.

We have crawled and weaned ourselves from the Stone Age, to savage slavery era into our present perceived civilization which is undoubtedly flourishing but inimically and stealthily shrouded in tribalism and racism.

We dominate the entire universe in all spheres of life, be it under water or under the sun, the human race excels. The human race continues to make strides, just to mention few, by inventing ships and submarines guided with advance technology comfortably undulating and embedded deep in the seas.

The human races have invented airplanes, space craft’s, computers including all the technological breakthroughs. With the exception of technical faults and accidents that intermittently create problems for us, we are yet to encounter any potential challenge in the space, on the land or in the seas by any other creature in this world.

In spite of all the aforementioned achievements, the obduracy of some human beings to wean themselves of this heinous social glut, by refusing to critically cogitate is very nauseating to say the least.

Unbelievably, tribalism and racism still makes the entire world look so fussy. Making it very difficult for some ignorant people to fully accept, cherish and tolerate their fellow human beings as colleagues, friends, or to be in courtship just simply because of their tribes or the color of their skin. Tribalism and racism all over the world is real. Anybody who thinks those social diabolical traits don’t exit is only attempting to bury their heads in the sand not to hear, see or have decided to live in the fool’s paradise.

Species of Almighty God are all endowed with different colors and they tolerate each other with the exception of the human races that discriminate amongst each other. Biologically, we are exceptional animals, due to the benignity of God’s infinite mercy. It’s remarkably absurd to comprehend because, dogs and cats are of different colors yet, they socialize with ease likewise most animals in our midst and around the universe except the human race.

In other words, with the exception of the human race that discriminate, all creations of God are endowed with different colors which they have accepted and they move along peacefully.

Aren’t we ashamed of ourselves that, the human race being the most advanced animal on earth that’s endowed with five senses who can logically think, create, talk and negotiate cannot live in peace? All we do is to denigrate, scorn to the extent of even fighting to kill each other because, of tribal and racial differences.

Is that the best we can do to ourselves as civilized human beings? Undoubtedly, criminals must be quarantined. Can’t we love one another which will enable us to live in peace?

For far too long the black race and tribes all over the world continue to experience mortification, resentments, scorn, maiming, sometimes even death for no apparent tangible reason. All these unfortunate aforementioned circumstances continue to happen throughout the whole world simply because, Almighty God created them in different complexion.

Peeling off this chronic ignorance of mankind, needs effective education. This will sensitize the entire world. This form of ignorance is still pervasive in both illiterates and literates throughout the entire world. It must be thoroughly eradicated to enable mankind completely realize the full potentials of the human race.

Ignoring this sickness of racism to phase out by itself is never going to be an easy task. We must therefore, devote a concerted effort to educate the ignorant amongst us to come to terms with the realities of our contemporary world.

Make it abundantly apodictic to the ignorant to comprehend that, the Stone Age will never be revisited again. The era of the primitive times of crude conflicts for tribes to dominate other tribes and wars for kingdoms dominating other kingdoms are over. The barbaric nature of human beings to gleefully and glaringly enslave other human beings will never come back again.

Most tribes and races have gone through tribulations, scorn, mortification, agony and death far too long. Something must be done to open the eclipsed brains of the ignorant amongst us. If only we are really in a civilized era and not in the medieval world as we perceive to believe.

People coming together irrespective of their tribes and race are a good thing to do. Just look at your village that all the people know themselves and compare the village to the city where most people you meet are strangers and you’ll see tremendous progress in the city than your village. The same thing applies to tribes and races commingling with other tribes and races generate tremendous progress in our lives.

Donating blood has nothing to do with the color of your skin. The last time I enquired at the hospitals donating blood had nothing to do with tribes and races. It rather has something to do with blood-groups and these groups cut across the entire tribes and races. Meaning these groups are in every tribe and races all over the world.

Donating an organ equally has nothing to do with the color of your skin. Why don’t we emphatically comprehend that, tribes and races have nothing to do with the human beings ability to execute whatever they intend to do on this earth.

Just name any educational ladder or a profession that other tribes or races have not been able to accomplish in this world. Is it being a doctor, scientist, lawyer, pilots or what? If there’s any that others have not accomplished, it’s because those tribes or races don’t have the wherewithal to take those tutorials but, if given the chance those tribes and races will excel.

Typical examples are the minority tribes in Ghana being Northerners and the minority races in the United States of America being blacks. These different people with similar backgrounds being given the chance by their gallant visionary leaders, who believe in the capacity of the human being and not tribes and races have become Presidents in their respective countries.

It’s unfortunate that, some of the former ruling tribes and races are still fuming with rage over the achievements of their own success stories. Remarkable success stories because indubitably, being majority in their respective countries their tribes and races contributed immensely by elevating these two people.

Meaning, the world has taken a giant leap for being able to elevate these two people to such enviable positions in their respective countries, by shifting away from the myopic mentality of tribes and races. Isn’t that wonderful? Hope those people still fuming will tone down their rage and rather feel proud for what they have done.

Now the most vicious amongst us are the ignorant educated ones who are neck deep in tribalism and in racism. The quiet educated ones discreetly and deliberately somnolently create incalculable havoc and despair to innocent different tribes and races they come into contact based on the positions they hold in societies.

The vociferous ones keep on hiding behind their titles spewing vitriol and nonsense, trying by every imaginable joggle, to justify their unjustifiable sarcasm with confusing verbosity. Sometimes you read or listen to invectives coming from these well educated people and you cringe, and ask yourself, is this really the person with such an enviable title behind their names?

Cringing because, the bigot writing or effusing such vitriol most of them schooled in the advance countries. Patently these people were educated by tutors, lecturers or professors from different backgrounds. They forgot the people who gave them those tutorials are not from their villages.

In spite of the bigotry imbedded deep in their souls, these people continue to cling in those advance countries. These educated bigots seldom travel to their countries by clinging and enjoying in comfort out there, where the people have embraced diversity that has open up their economies. Having seen the good diversity could do to societies, why do you continue to poison the minds of others with vitriol and nonsense not to accept their kind back home and be tolerant in their own countries?

It will surprise you to know that, these bigots will never stay in their villages anymore even if they happen to visit their respective countries because, diversity isn’t in those their villages so, there’s no progress out there.

Yet still I wouldn’t say educating these bigots is a waste of money because, without education, you can imagine the harm these people could cause.

You don’t necessarily have to be a Minister of State to assist in the governance of your country. It’s a collective effort on every citizen. Based on your education and exposure to the outside world, if you have any idea about how to shove your country to success you should do it.

1) Write about programs that could elevate the poor, the old, the invalid and those with infirmities in our societies. 2) Write about how it’s Important for all the citizenry including foreigners to have proper I D cards to assist in the prevention of crime. 3) Write about the importance to have street names, to have proper reflective signboards. This will guide people to their final destinations even nocturnally. 4) Write about how it’s important to have proper demarcations before houses are built, to prevent floods. 5) Write for tarred good roads in the rural areas too, that will entice investors to create jobs in those areas to stop the urban drift. All that you see in the advance countries were not built in a day. They all came up based on genuine concerted effort.

Education has nothing to do with wisdom, the integral ingredient of being wise is to be unassuming, judge people individually, respect and love people equitably, think good of mankind and not evil. Do well with your education, and refrain from planting evil in the minds of the less fortunate ones.

The world must set aside a day to commemorate tribalism and racism. Use this day to educate that ignorant imbecile who howls racial disgusting tones at normal people at football parks and elsewhere in the world. Use this day to educate the executive to employ qualified people who merit positions and not based on tribalism and racism.

Use this day to educate functionaries who man sensitive positions of authority to open doors of opportunities that will benefit everybody and not only their tribes or race. Use this day to educate the men and women throughout the world who abhor their fellow human beings as colleagues, friends, partners simply because of their tribes and races.

Isn’t it hilarious that some of the ignorant ones refuse to sit near their fellow human beings in trains, buses and in planes simply because, they feel others are of different tribes or colors? Some refuse to stay in the same dormitories with their fellow human beings yet, they may not even be good academically when it’s narrowed down to the desideratum.

Where the ignorant couldn’t refuse to go is the cemetery, to be buried in the ground for termites to feast on them. Where then is that your preposterous abstraction of being superior?

The saddest part is that, the ignorant will go into their grave with nothing except, the kindness and the good they exhibited unto mankind whiles they were alive. If the ignorant have no idea about their final journey, let them learn from here right now that, the houses, the fat bank accounts, the horses and all the wealth will not accompany you to that grave. Even your spouse and children will not want to stay near your grave when it’s getting dark. What a pity to the ignorant.

If we successfully tackle this canker in our societies, being tribalism and racism. We will be dealing a fatal blow to the last inimical trait of social ignorance. This canker has completely blindfolded some of the people in our societies that, it’s stealthily creating most conflicts and wars throughout the entire world.

Together the human being has been able to move the needle from the medieval world of savage barbaric conflicts and wars all over the world. We have together moved the needle from the heinous savage enslavement of human beings. The last manacles still holding mankind stealthily is tribalism and racism. If we have together been able to do away with the aforementioned heinous traits we can together do away with tribalism and racism as well.

His Holy Highness The Pope, Presidents, Ministers, Priest of all Churches, Imams of all Mosques and Honorable people with platforms must preach to eliminate tribalism and racism. All these people must act on these retrograde inimical behaviors in our societies to change the mentality of the ignorant for the betterment of the entire world.

Advocating for this day is long overdue. Let’s seriously do something about tribalism and racism in this world because, it’s tearing us apart instead of bringing us together in peace and harmony as real civilized people created by Almighty God. Balemwo Assam balemwo@yahoo.co.uk Washington DC

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