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Opinions of Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Columnist: Kobina Ansah

If life moves, move

Kobina Ansah Kobina Ansah

Oftentimes, when we are struck by ill events we least expected, we take ages to recover. Sometimes, it takes forever to get over a failed attempt at our business. It sometimes takes a pretty long time for us to come to terms with the fact that that relationship or marriage is no more.

Fact is, some of us can wallow in tears for years over the same misfortune over and over again. It’s okay to cry. It’s very human to let out the pain which has boiled in us for so long. The million-dollar question, however is, “For how long?” For how long will we be choked by our past? For how long will we dwell there?

You can’t gloat over your misfortunes forever. You can’t brood over your pain all of your life. You can’t compensate time to wait for you to finish wiping your tears before it moves on. No! The earlier you recovered, the better it would be for you. As long as the second hand of a clock keeps ticking, time will wait for no man; whether you’re happy or not; whether you’re broken-hearted or not.

It’s like conceding a goal during a football match. During injury time, it doesn’t really matter how much you would beg of time to wait for you to equalize. Time will move. You may beg all you can but the clock won’t stop ticking for your sake. Life waits for no man!

At a point in time of your life, you will be disappointed. Definitely, there will come a time when others may not return the good favors you did for them. You’ll be wrongly accused. You may be misjudged. When that time comes, always remember that you can’t weep for too long because life is always moving on.

You can’t waste all your life poring over the opportunities you missed. You can’t expect life to hold on for you to finish mourning what went wrong in the past. Life is not waiting for you. It has moved on so do same.

Life won’t go on a recess because you failed at something. Life is not waiting for you to finish brooding over your losses before it moves on. Not at all! It waits for no one.

After mourning for a while, you dust the pain off yourself and move on immediately. You let go of the pain of your past to have a hold on the gain of the future. Time is no respecter of persons. It won’t wait for you!

No one is waiting for you to get over your broken-heartedness. Life won’t pause for you to finish mourning your dead relationship. It won’t come to a standstill because your marriage failed. Everyone is moving on. Others are getting their lives back after their losses. A lot more others are getting over their failure. Life is moving on. So… move on!

No one is waiting for you to get over your past. Your present won’t wait for you to go back to your past to make amends. It won’t wait for you to go bid farewell to your past. If life moves, you must move, too. Life’s moving on to the future. You had better moved along. It won’t go on a break just because it is you. So… move on, too.

Gather the courage to move on. Put the weight of your bad experience behind you. You failed and so what? Move on. Don’t let your past get in the way of your present. Just move on!

In life, there are no referees to pause when you are unfairly treated. Move on. There are no umpires to ensure fair play. So… when others trample on the trust you entrusted in their care, learn your lessons and move on. Forgive them but don’t forget your lessons. When they boot your kindness like something that doesn’t matter, don’t let it drown you forever. Learn your lessons and move on!

Life is not waiting for you to recuperate from the losses of your business. Business still goes on. Life moves on. The sun and moon won’t come to a standstill just because your business failed. So… move on.

Every day is a new day. No day will ever be repeated because you lived your past instead of that day. Life is moving on. Weeks are passing. New years are coming. If time has not paused for your sake, what’s really the essence of brooding over your past?

Your past is like a cracked egg. No amount of mourning will make amends to it. No amount of mourning will put it back together. Move on.

Time and tide wait for no man. Life is moving on. As you allow your past to hold your future for ransom, others are moving on. They’re prancing for new opportunities. They’re moving on to new careers after one failed.

They’re preparing themselves for new relationships and marriages regardless of what they have been through. They are making society a better place to be with their dreams. You’ll stay in the past alone. No one is waiting for you to finish crying!

Gird your loins. Get up. Enough of the tears. Enough of the sorrows. Life is moving on. For how long will you allow your bad experiences drown you… thinking life has paused waiting for you? Well… if life moves, move, too. You are not a stone!

The writer is a playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, a writing company based in Accra. His new play is "Emergency Wedding".