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Opinions of Thursday, 4 September 2008

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Ideas and Hard Work Make a Great and Rich Man But Not "Sikaduro"

The dust inevitably always settles regardless of the duration and the intensity of the whirlwind. There is also an end to every situation as whatever goes up, must come down. The consensus, a faulty one of course, of the Kumawuman people is that their recently passed away industrious son of the soil did succumb to the usual preconditioned early deaths for "sikaduro" possessors. I can hardly get my head around how the imaginative conceptualizing of "sikaduro" has become an intractable reality to many a Ghanaian. "Sikaduro" in all its forms, facets or manifestations, is mythic.

"Sikaduro", by a brief definition is one becoming extremely rich within a short space of time that transcends the limits of thought hence, concluding that his riches is as a result of an unholy alliance with spiritism. The difficulty to comprehend or to unravel the mystery in which such opulence is shrouded compels others to conclude that one has "sikaduro". I will endeavour to volunteer an explanation for the so-called "sikaduro" to help many disabuse their minds of such fallacies.

Firstly, let it be noted that ideas nobly implemented and followed through makes one a Great Man. When those honest ideas are backed by explicit hard work, the made Great Man also becomes excessively rich person. This was the exact situation of my cherished friend and classmate, the late Mr. Yaw Brenya of ever blessed memory. Yaw was pragmatic. He was simply full of empirically good intentions and money making ideas that could have made him even much richer was his life not curtailed for a specific reason or the other. He never allowed his beauty and ideas to make him a sex machine but rather, a money machine. Is this what others call "sikaduro?" Some by their beauty and with little money became womanisers. Yaw by his beauty and more money, kept reinvesting and was infatuated with a strong policy for diversification of investments. This was the secret of his affluence. And any attempt to link his wealth with "sikaduro" is merely a plot to tarnish his hard earned reputation and a whammy to other emerging rich guys. Yaw was simply the best as far as the seemingly economic emancipation of Kumawuman comes into focus.

However, he became an unsuspecting stumbling block; a stooge stooping too low to the queen and used to holding at bay the ascendancy of the God's chosen one to the Kumawu paramount chief's throne. He had a fixation on the Kumawu Ankobea sub-chief throne. The queen is manipulative and abusive; and as she has always been, capitalised on this weakness of Yaw. She promised him this Ankobea stool that has become vacant recently. He being super rich though naive yielded to all her fraudulent pretensions. He was conned out of his great wealth by the queen to foot her bills accruing from her intransigently doomed battle or contest with God the Father Almighty. God out of His own volition has appointed a redeemer as the next paramount chief of Kumawuman. The queen on the other hand wants to prove God a liar by stubbornly insisting on crowning a person of her choice but not that of God's. Who in your estimation, my noble reader, will emerge victorious from this super contest, God or the queen?

My personal insightful conversations with Yaw on issues not excluding the dragging Kumawu chieftaincy dispute cannot be thrown into the public sphere. They should not in anyway by the prerequisites of privacy and confidentiality, become a matter for public scrutiny and consumption. I was parabolic when conveying warning messages to him. Did he well understand me? I think not, or else, he might not be a departed soul now. The question of his obesity with the associated health scares is also a contributing factor to his early demise. "Sikaduro" does not rear an inch of its ugly oblong-head in the discussion of the causes leading to the death of my friend Yaw Brenya. I will in this vein appeal to all Kumawuman people to cease painting him with the brush of "sikaduro"

God has revealed through his genuine prophets and many saints that He will not hesitate to cut down all obstructions militating against having His chosen one installed as the next Kumawu paramount chief. To check the veracity of this claim one is at liberty to consult their genuine men and women of God. Or better still; go on their knees in supplication to God to reveal His choice of candidate to the throne to them. Is this a big deal? No. Was Yaw then by his topical great wealth made an impediment to God by the intrigues of the queen? Yes. He has painfully been tricked by the queen to meet his nemesis if a reason was to be assigned for his likely premature death, if his death was actually premature.

God has a purpose for the queen. He wants the queen to live to contrast the good governance by His chosen one with the inferior one of the past thirty four years which chapter is closed now. Had it not been for this fact, she might rather be the tree to hack down instead of pruning the branches, that is, her supporters, of who was the late Yaw Brenya. My heart actually bleeds whenever the idea of his death hits me. As Antonio said in his speech on the death of Caesar, "my heart is right there in the coffin with Caesar", so be it to me, on the death of Yaw Brenya.

Why at all would one visit a fetish and make a request to it to kill one's rival or enemy? This is only possible when one finds himself or herself in a no-win situation in a contest with a likely-to-emerge victorious opponent. Is it right to do that? The Kumawuhemaa should check if she had never resorted to any such act since vying for the occupancy of the Kumawu paramount seat became acrimonious dispute? If she has or had, then she is guilty of defying God. She should once more check if she has not been insistent with an unquenchable quest to have her own way in the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy wrangling? Has she ever bothered to cogitate over why the financially strapped opponent(s) still stands on his legs like a mighty igneous rock of ages? The answer is not far fetched. It is the work of God. He is the chosen one of God. Undermine him in any way, and the wrath of God comes heavily to bear upon you. Run away from such vices committed in secret against the elected one of God which in no time become bare in public?

Now back to the secret of making money that has become "sikaduro" to many. Whoever wants to get rich quicker should follow my prescription below. Failing to abide by its conditions will bring my flaming anger on you. First devise or have a vision of genuine money making idea. Find a small amount of money and throw it at that idea. It can be a loan from the bank, a friend or relative. Focus all your thoughts on the idea succeeding. Put in extra effort as though you would to a newly found love. Find an object, a bible, a stone or whatever; accord it some potency and let it become supernatural to you. Allocate a place in your room or house where you can retire to have secret interaction with that object that has become supernatural in your life. Pray to it, have great faith in it and believe that whatever you tell it will happen as hoped. Continue pursuing vigorously your money making intentions. For at least five years, DON'T part with money to ANYONE except though from whom more money can be generated. Reinvest the returns on your first idea-investment in diverse projects. Are you not sure to be pointed at as having "sikaduro" in the course of five years? Your wealth will be monstrous, I guarantee you.

Jesus says in the bible, "if you have faith in even a stone and you approach it in prayer when sick, it can heal you". "Sikaduro" is all about faith in some concoction from a fetish. It is the stringent faith attached goading you to put in that extra work that is earning you that awful lot of money but not the concoction itself. "Faith works wonders". And faith is "sikaduro" if you care to know.

The weighing in of the rumour that Yaw Brenya had a secret room nobody visited except himself to justify the fact that he had "sikaduro" is all the more nonsensical after my lengthy explanation. The fact that his probably jealous wife visited the room and became mad is not a conclusive persuasion of there being a python churning out money. Have the rumour-mongers dared know about the mental, physical and psychological state of the said-wife before her alleged visit to the room? Why did she enter the room if she was asked never to? Is it not that curiosity that kills the cat that obliged her to do what she did, if she did as alleged at all? I am not in the least persuaded by this exaggerated rumour circulating and gaining strength like a fire set to a dry land in a harmattan season. If you cannot praise him for the good things he did for Kumawuman, please don't sully his reputation.

I am friends with Kwahu people. The little time and space will not permit me to say much but simply, they are shrewd business men and women. They are neither fanatical about "sikaduro" nor are they its patroniser.

Will any reader of this article please send out as many copies as he or she can to the Kumawman people the world over? Whoever is able, should please fast for a day, from 06:00 to 12:00 (6 am to 12 noon), supplicating the Omnipotent, Omniscient and the Omnipresent God the Father to quicken the concretization of His plan for Kumawuman in the respect as aforementioned. Pray that He bulldoze the obstacles withholding the quicker realisation of His promise to Kumawuman people though His slowness to anger is renowned. God is not honoured in the death of a sinner but their repentance of sins. Should Kumawuhemaa then take advantage of this considerate slowness of God? No way! With the passing away of Yaw Brenya, who else's death from the camp of the saboteurs of God and Kumawuman do I care if they continue not to heed advice?

Lest I forget, the remains of the late Yaw Brenya will be interred at Kumawu on 17 October, 2008. May God the Father Almighty grant him a place in His Kingdom. May the Kumawuhemaa realise her faults, be ashamed of them, share the blame of Yaw's death and yield to the wishes of God. May she refrain from her intransigencies and be pardoned by God. May Kwantoa muster strength, brood over the death of Yaw only for a while, and ensure he is accorded a befitting burial. May Kwantoa also ensure the wife or wives and children of Yaw Brenya are allowed active participation in every plan involving his funeral and given what they are due. May Adu Anthony a.k.a Yaw Poku, unite all the classmates and schoolmates of Yaw to pay their last respect to him on the mentioned date. May Adu Felicia, Kuma Rose, Vida Boahene, Akosua Addae, Kwadwo Mahamadu, Yaw Badu, Boadi and Rev. Dr. Opoku Brenya be present at his burial. May all the classmates and schoolmates mourn him. Amen.

Rockson Adofo, London