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Opinions of Friday, 12 August 2011

Columnist: Seshie-Vanderpuije, Alex

I will fire you, if you undermine government - Asabee

I will fire you, if you undermine government - Asamoah Boateng tells ISD staff

The past few days have brought us " a very sad spectacle of events where the integrity and intelligence of government officials have been called into question by the opposition New Patriotic Party".

As the allegation against the Deputy Minister of Information, Hon Baba Jamal that he had sought to bribe journalist with NYEP cash had been proven to be untrue, a voice recording has emerged in which the Deputy Minister of information is alleged to have threatened to sack workers of the Information Services if they fail to protect the NDC government in good light.

I would urge readers of this article to take time to open the attached news link on and to read about what Stephen Asamoah Boateng, the then Minister of Information and Orientation under the NPP regime said to ISD staff when he met with district, municipal and metropolitan chief executives, and staff of the Information Services Department, in Koforidua back in January 2008. Source: Isaac Akwetey, Koforidua - Ghanaian Chronicle, General News | Thu, 26 Jun 2008.

The statement by Asamoah Boateng, clearly shows that the opposition NPP are hypocrites being haunted by their own immediate past. This episode is indeed very shameful and again shows how embarrassing and poorly NPP orchestrated plots to tarnish the image of government officials are fast becoming nightmares for them. The NPP functionaries and their apologetics have become the laughing stock of Ghanaian politics.

Whilst we expect the NPP as an opposition party to offer constructive criticisms and to provide alternative programmes to government policies, the NPP instead have resulted to the use of the internet and certain paid media outlets to function, cater and to feed their diabolic deficiencies to the Ghanaian public in order to tarnish the image of the NDC government. Ghanaians are now more politically conscious and very discerning. No amount of hatched plots and news fabrications would influence them to vote for a party that have run out of ideas. A party that have nothing to offer but promises.

I strongly believe that recent happenings have shown the NPP to be a political party of extremists. The NPP believe society can function without a government as they disagree with everything to do with efficiency and morality. Their new found strategy to intimidate government officials, journalists and the security agencies and to distract government from its main core functions shows that they have no interest in helping those very Ghanaians at the lower end of the social ladder, who they now seek violently to impose their will upon I continue to ask why the NPP and its apologetics have become so desperately bent on endangering the foundation of the very democratic governance, which our forbears fought so hard to win for us.

It is obvious the NPP continue to use slush funds stolen from tax payers whilst in office to fund their diabolic plans seeking to destabilise the democratically elected NDC government. They continue to swamp the airwaves with serial callers, the print media and the internet through dishonest paid writers. No amount of press conferences would unfaze His Excellency, President Mills and his administration.

The NDC government would continue to remain focus on its promise to improve the living conditions of Ghanaians through the implementation of the Better Ghana Agenda programmes.

Alex Seshie-Vanderpuije, PRO- NDC UK & Ireland

10 August 2011