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Opinions of Friday, 19 February 2021

Columnist: Tina Muulikaa

I support Adwoa Safo, don't treat those at witches camp as outcasts

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Reintegrating these alleged witches at the various camps will not happen overnight.

We will have to educate the communities and families over a period of time so that they can be accepted back in peace.

There have instances where some alleged witches and wizards were chased out by their families and the communities even when they were informed the gods did not find them guilty.

The unlucky ones are lynched. The disbandment of the camps is the ultimate goal but there have to be some steps to enable us to achieve that.

The name "witches camp" alone is demoralising and even scares people from showing them love by donating to them.

When Tina REPORTS wanted to donate to the Tendan witches' camp last year, some people called and others also sent messages that they would support only if the place or venue for the donations was changed.

They mentioned they were not comfortable to donate to a witch camp knowing that place shelters alleged witches.

An alleged witch also lost her hut, I asked the public to help her raise a new one and again people didn't show interest in helping her.

The reason was just that she lives in a witch camp. Most people have a negative perception of people living in witches' camps.

Rebranding our witches' camp with a befitting name alone would be a step in the right directions.

I support Adwoa Safo on the rebranding of our witches' camps. They shouldn't be treated as outcasts, they should have access to basic necessities and live comfortably at the camps.

Most people at the various camps can't even feed or even afford drugs when they are ill. Witches' camps should feel like home because, for years, it has served as permanent homes for many. #rebrandourwitchescamp