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Opinions of Thursday, 28 January 2016

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

I stand for Ghana, NDC/NPP must resist temptation.

The upcoming elections on 7th November,2016 are going to be like no other election that Ghana has had. The course of Ghana's history is bound to open a chapter which most people are praying will be one that is smooth and peaceful.

There has been a lot of Intra party squabbles which at times have been ugly to say the least. Almost everyone is hoping this does not turn into inter party battles and violence. This in turn has made many people constantly cast a nervous and wary eyes at our men in uniform hoping that the temptation to step in does not arise. In many countries where there has been an unbearable level of discord men in uniform have been tempted to step in and use the pretext of restoring order as their motivation.

I have interacted with most supporters of all the main political players in Ghana and know some of them just like they also know me. I have been lucky to be able to comfortably mingle in the company of all of them because I believe politics is not something that should divide us but instead is something that should peacefully regulate our exchange of ideas. I believe that they also recognise that this is my philosophy and why they in turn are comfortable to interact with me.

If we look at ourselves as enemies and see politics as a do or die issue we shall quickly sink into anarchy. It is the duty of every Ghanaian to try and ensure that we do not go down the slippery slope of anarchy. Everyone must resist the temptation of being part of tribalism, violence or anarchy.

The media must also ensure that it does not play the role that the media did in Rwanda leading upto the awful 1994 genocide. Electronic, print and social media have to play a moderating and responsible role.

The Christian council,Islamic council,traditional rulers and other relevant bodies has to also play its role in ensuring harmony, peace and reconciliation not in only one party but in all parties and between all parties.

The people who have the greatest duty are the main political players who are the politicians. Politicians are prone to playing to the gallery and thinking only about their tomorrow. There are those who are dramatic and harmless but then there are others who create destructive sideshows which quickly become the main event.

A lot of the political dust and noise we have been witnessing is hopefully going to come to an end. The nomination period is coming to a close.

Some of my friends (and foes) have been asking where I stand in these elections. I can safely state that I stand for Ghana and its people. I stand for a bright future for my children. I stand for a responsible and safe democratic governance.
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