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Opinions of Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Columnist: Ackon, Paa Kow

I need no other NDC or NPP argument

And here again, i need no other argument, i need no other plea, it is enough that President Mahama is incompetent and that incompetence was loudly proclaimed by the silent majority in his own party at the recent Parliamentary primaries. Anytime i get back home and there is no light in the house, i ask myself a simple question; which is that, if in the early 50's and 60's, where development was at its lowest ebb, my parents could enjoy unlimited power and water supply, why should I, Paa Kow Ackon in the 21st century not have electricity and water distributed regularly to me? Why should such basic necessities of life be rationed? Dr Nduom must certainly be a prophet.
When in August this year he said that the energy crisis in Ghana is likely to stay on for another four years and the short term goals such as the contracting of power barges from Turkey, the construction of a thermal power plant at Kpone, among others would do nothing but deepen the woes of Ghanaians, many people did not believe him. Has the President and the Energy Minister not promised again to end the energy crisis next year? Can President Mahama even end "dumsor"? I have my doubts anyway.
Last Saturday, an NDC friend of mine sent me a text message that Dr Nduom has no track record. I looked at it and just smiled. The truth is that we need a competent, experienced and incorruptible leader who will take a long term view to solving the energy crisis. Dr Nduom is better qualified to lead a Ghana that has energy, unemployment and economic problems than Mahama and or Akuffo Addo. Nduom, Mahama & Akuffo have all been MPs and Ministers of State but the difference between them is that NDUOM is the only one elected as Assembly Member which gives him a better appreciation of the need for grassroots development and democracy such as election of DCEs, etc.
As a Minister of State, DR NDUOM contributed positively by getting us $547 million through the Millennium Challenge Account which established MiDA and constructed the N1 Highway, provided support for pineapple and other farmers, built several kilometers of roads, put two ferrys on the Akosombo lake, etc, implemented the National Identification Authority, restructuring of GOIL, stabilization of power delivery, Single Spine Salary Scheme, New Pension Scheme, etc. DR NDUOM has done more in his private capacity to create jobs and promote made in Ghana goods and services in a practical manner than Mahama & Akuffo Addo.
Dr Nduom has a better appreciation of job creation, economic issues and solutions first hand, by deeds, not through words or hearsay. If what Ghana needs are solutions to the economic, private sector and energy challenges, then DR PAPA KWESI NDUOM is better qualified by education and experience than what Akuffo Addo and Mahama will bring with their law and media backgrounds respectively. For those who do not know, DR NDUOM has made a personal commitment against corruption by declaring his public income tax returns, asset declarations, etc.
What practically has Mahama and Akuffo Addo done to fight corruption apart from the cheap talk? Finally, Dr and Mrs Nduom have four adult children, with three of them as doctors (Dr Kweku Nduom - PhD in International Business, Dr. Edjah Nduom -International Neurosurgeon, Dr. Aba Nduom - Psychiatrist) and the last one (Chiefy Nduom Esq) also an international constitutional Lawyer. If we care about the future of Ghana, this is the time for us not to look left or right but look straight in the middle where there are no problems and support NDUOM TO SAVE GHANA!!!