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Opinions of Thursday, 26 March 2020

Columnist: Fusheini Salifu

I'm weak says coronavirus

My name is Coronavirus (Covid 19), I am not a pseudonym anymore if you care to know, I have become a household name and I am weak. You may not know this but I am extremely weak.

I can't shake hands.

I can't cough.

I can't walk.

I can't talk.

I can't run.

I'm dormant.

I can't do all of this I need a vehicle (Body) to perform this task. Do not make me strong by coming in to contact. If you do I will make my presence known you and all; fever, excessive coughing, tiredness, pneumonia with this I will become strong and I do not care.

what happens to you at this moment because I gave life to.

I have caused a lot of damages (bedridden and death) to many of you. Even though am not strong. I know some of you fear me but do not despair you don't have to because am weak.

Please follow these religious steps and you will be safe from me according to your organization fighting me:

1. Hands - Wash them often.

2. Elbow - Cough into it.

3. Face - Don't touch it.

4.Space - Keep safe distance.

5. Home - Stay if you can.

#Spread_Calm_ not_Fear.

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