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Opinions of Saturday, 6 February 2016

Columnist: Abdulai, Alhaji Alhasan

I'm in politics for the less privileged in Ghana, says Hassan Ayariga

Dr Hassan Ayariga now under 50years old would be one of the youngest Ghanaian wanting to become president in November after attempting to lead the nation in 2012 on the ticket of Peoples National Convention PNC. He had to break away to form a new party the All Peoples Congress (APC) following disagreements in the result of the primary poll for PNC candidate this year.

A visit to his office at Dzorwulu in Accra shows his readiness to hit the ground running when his party is certified by the Electoral Commission having acquired a number of branded vehicles, posters and signboards. He commended Ghanaian journalists for their enquiring mind following up to know his campaign programs but queried why they are not asking why he (Ayariga) wants to become president of Ghana. In a meeting with community leaders from the Ashongman Estates, he let out why he has been pursuing the presidency in Ghana. He said though I am a young Muslim from the Northern part of Ghana I wish to work for the welfare of all the less privileged people of the nation most of who are from less developed parts of Ghana.

“Ghanaians are not lazy; we only need the right leadership to plan workable programs to get the best out of them. Dr Hassan said he has lived in Europe since his childhood where he got educated and learnt a lot in the areas of human development; I am therefore capable of helping to develop the nation just as is done abroad. He lamented why our leaders most of who have lived abroad cannot make use the experiences they gained abroad to develop this nation saying “I will make a difference when voted to power”. The delegation which was led by the chief of the community Hassan kuliballythanked Dr Hassan Ayariga for venturing to become president and urged him to go ahead with his intention
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