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Opinions of Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Columnist: Godson-Afful, Henry

I have a Dream

...that Barack Obama will Be President O f America.

I strongly believe in the next 24 hours the world will record a massive history of the new America and the mega ascendancy of the Black race, refuting the myth that the Blackman can never rule the world. I know many have questioned the Blackman's readiness to rule the world; I thoroughly understand your concerns but remember Rome was not built in a day.

I believe this will be highlighted by the ordinary American voter giving Barack Obama ( a name not contained in my MS Word dictionary) the mandate to become President of America and the most powerful man in the world. I am not a politician or a black race preacher but a carrier of God's abundant grace to make decrees, propel divine manifestations, declare and utter destiny changing words into fruition.

I strongly believe that the election of President Barack Obama will shatter the myth that some human beings can't do certain things or handle certain are all equal irrespective of race, colour, gender or age...a Blackman can rule, a woman can rule , a Whiteman can rule we are all made in the very image and likeness of God(Genesis 1:26)...truly and surely by night time tomorrow the 4th of November 2008 I believe as I already prophesied in some churches London, Atlanta, Ghana and Nigeria a new age will be seen hope my ministry is not on the line though. Fear shall come to pass though it tarries.

At last the dream of Dr. Martin Luther-King 40 years on will be fulfilled in another dimension all together.

As I read his book dreams of my father, I was convinced that this man has a future as well as offering hope for anyway who is 'down trodden in society' that all things are possible...he might not be the most righteous but don't judge a man by his past friendships or relationships ...remember Jesus would dined with Bill Ayers or even Osama.

Help me pray for souls in the world, peace in DR Congo, Excellent elections in America and Ghana to follow and President Barack Obama... Pray for Barack against the assassin spirit that will try to cut of this dream.

I believe he has a better health care plan for America, better relations and point of connection with the rest of the world, Better immigration policy for America (may be amnesty for illegal immigrant which am praying for) and most importantly his election will filter through the world especially Europe that the Blackman is worth more than the racist myopic brain can fathom. How many people have not been refused lucrative career opportunities because of the colour of their skin...I believe that this elevation will go a long way to curtail institutional racism in key countries around the world...May the Lord help us all.

Arise and look, something new is happening let's all join and pray for Barack and America. There is a position God Almighty has destined for you to occupy. No one can handle it but you alone. Arise and take.

To my friends in America please get out there and vote if you already haven't done so already. At last the young Black child whose father was never there for him can also believe there is hope ahead if he can focus on the dream ahead, the daughter of a homeless white man can also breathe a sigh of relief. Let keep the hope and believe that this as a change we can all rejoice in.

I love you dearly for reading...He that has an eye let him see what the Lord is doing. I believe strongly that there is a switch and a shift taking place all over the world. Yesterday Lewis Hamilton won the Formula 1 Championship making him the first Black and youngest ever to take this enviable trophy. Who thought Barack 'Hussein' Obama, a Blackman from Northern Kenya's son would become the 44th President of USA aged 47? Think about this.

Please pass this article on if you have been inspired and say a word of blessing for the author don't hesitate to delete from your mail box if you aren't particularly interested in this move.

May God bless you all.

Henry Godson-Afful President of Maximum Impact Foundation, UK. Minister, HR/Educational Consultant and Author.

Replies and feedbacks welcome.

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