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General News of Monday, 9 October 2017


I can’t solve your problem – Kojo Yankson tells critics of his ‘khebab’ theory

After hitting back at critics who ‘misconstrued’ his ‘khebab’ theory of the Atomic Junction gas explosion to cut him some slack, Kojo Yankson, host of Joy FM’s Super Morning show has thrown yet another missile, saying he cannot be the solution to their problems.

Even before the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) make known their findings of the actual cause of the inferno which has claimed 7 lives and injured 132, Kojo Yankson while giving a “chronological” account of the explosion alluded that it was as a result of the activities of a khebab seller situated opposite the gas station.

“There was a leak during a loading exercise from one of the tanks here in this compound. Gas was pluming up into the sky, blowing up very fast and everybody in the area noticed it…Members of staff at the gas station evacuated immediately and called the authorities. Within minutes, our chichinga stand operator decided to start work. In spite of the fact that there was escaping gas, he lit a flame under his Khebab and the flame shot up into the air and connected with the gas that was gathering in the air above the heads of all the people standing around…this flame connected with it [the gas] and set the entire sky above the people at this junction ablaze." He said with a condescending posture.

Unhappy with the account, some Ghanaians took to social media and expressed their disappointment and also questioned the rationale behind the Multimedia journalist’s “premature” and “unethical” reportage.

The backlash was reignited after Kojo Yankson provided a link to a video which captures an eyewitness’ narration as critics wondered why he, being a trained journalist, presented that as facts even before the security agencies issue their investigative findings.

Commenting on the issue on Facebook, Mr. Yankson insisted he did not err in giving a blow-by-blow account. In what appeared to be a jab, the 'morning man', as he is affectionately called, said critics of his report have a problem but unfortunately, he cannot offer solutions.

“Ok. So I am wrong, the eyewitnesses are all wrong, the fire officers I spoke to, are all wrong, but you – who were sitting at home while we were on the ground, working to get you information – you are right? Ok, I understand your problem and I am not equipped to solve it. Let’s all wait for the official report. That ought to settle this once and for all. Thanks for your feedback, everyone” his comment read.

Meanwhile, the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has discounted suggestions that the deadly gas explosion was caused by the charcoal grill of the khebab seller.

According to the Public Relations Officer of the GNFS, Prince Billy Anaglatey, determining the cause of the fire should be left to technical persons such as the GNFS to investigate.