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Opinions of Monday, 10 October 2011

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

I am shocked! - "Ei bei, President Mills!

Am I hallucinating? I see unsightly scenes. I hear things that make the ear tingle. I read things that leave me dumbfounded. I stand aghast at the sight of oppression in Ghana. There seems to be institutionalised divide and rule tactics in Ghana under President Mills' NDC regime. The open secret desire by the government to gag her political rivals is all borne out of confusion and incompetence. The current NDC regime by all ascertained facts on the ground cannot make head or tail of democratic governance hence, resorting to intimidation, insults and wishfully pitting one tribe against another. This is very shameful of Professor Emeritus President "Do Little" John Evans Fiifi Atta Kakra Mills.

The truth hurts very badly, but in the end, it brings comfort. Professor Mills is my President. His actions and inactions have direct affect on me as a citizen of Ghana regardless wherever I find myself worldwide. I therefore have the right to point out his divisive shortcomings to him, followed up by condemnations, appraisals, recommendations and commendations. Surely, any sound farsighted Ghanaian with the love of the nation and the people therein at heart will understand my harsh stance taken against the irresponsibleness of the current NDC government.

I cannot stand the completely daft arrogance, ignorance, mediocrity, and utter quest for power however it comes, by certain Deputy Ministers of State, principally among who are, that notorious Kobby Acheampong and Agyenim Boateng.

I understand President Mills' regime has detailed some specifically recruited spies to shadow some NPP gurus perceived to be loudmouthed persons and hence, a thorn in the NDC's tender flesh. This piece of information was on our most adorable website, "Ghanaweb", on Friday, 7th October 2011 under the caption, "Spies Trail NPP Capos". I quote from the website, "Intelligence picked up by Daily Guide indicates the National Security and the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) have recruited not less than 45 men to be used for a ‘special’ operation to silence some leading members of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP". I am sure the NDC may not want to see the repeat of that infamous abduction and killing of the three Accra High Court judges and ex-military Major Sam Acquah if the information was true. Should their lives be endangered simply because the NDC see them as obstructing their quest to rig elections to stay in power longer than they should, then the NDC should be ready for "All die be die" that may be unleashed on the nation come December 2011. Do not threaten anyone. If you do your job properly without utter display of confusion and incompetence, everything will be fine. Ghanaians will not tolerate any "ifs and buts" explanations in the event of any NPP member dying or getting hurt under mysterious or suspicious circumstances. This is a stark warning from a concerned Ghanaian citizen to President Mills and his apparently confused NDC government.

May I admonish President Mills to emulate the shining philosophy of decent Presidents or individuals who always vouch to leave the world better than they came to find it? If President Mills cannot leave Ghana better than he came to find it, he is to leave it same but not worse. Ghanaians are not ready to go to war over petty greediness, lack of vision, charlatanry and absurd quest for power by our non-performing politicians.

I am not expecting President Mills to rush out with knee-jerk responses whenever issues of national concern arise. Nevertheless, his absolute silence over serious lawlessness by his Deputy Ministers e.g. Kobby Acheampong and some NDC activists leaves sour taste in ones mouth. Was President Mills born to rule? Alternatively, someone might have plucked him from somewhere, craftily imposed him on NDC, and Ghanaians mistakenly voted for him. I am confused myself. I cannot fathom how an elected President stays mute while his appointed Deputy Ministers flout his wishes with impunity. I cannot come to terms with myself witnessing President myself being that nonchalant if not ineffective. For how long is he going to sit on his lap agape while his government appointees like Kobby Acheampong and his ilk heap insults on Ghanaians and go scot-free?

I pray persons in government and all alike do right things at all times to save Ghana from descending the slope of lethal but preventable conflicts that have ruined most of sister African States. We do not want any Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sudan or Somalia in Ghana.

President Mills, please put your foot down. Stamp your authority on your government and the yobbish inexperienced Deputy Ministers who are paving their way through to fame, riches, and notoriety through insults but in effect, bringing calamity upon Ghana if we are not careful.

"He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones"

Rockson Adofo