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Opinions of Sunday, 28 August 2011

Columnist: Amissah, Kofi Isaac.

I Can't Eat With Any NPP Member--Anita De Sooso

The National Women' s Organizer for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Madam Anita De-Sooso has hit home that she cannot eat with any New Patriotic Party (NPP) hierarchy or affiliate member. She issued this statement when she appeared on Volta Power Fm in New York to answer questions pertaining to the growth of Ghanaian women, the unity of NDC and NPP as well as the general developments of Ghana.

With the mind and spirit of avuncular, I asked the dynamic and vocal politician to explain why she made such heart wrenching and divisive statement. The outspoken NDC Women' s Organizer said she does not hate NPP as a party or members of NPP but because of the ugly and unpalatable footage Ghana politics has become, she might get a huge problem if she takes any NPP member as her pal. She made this revelation after I asked her to reveal to the large and discerning audiences the total number of friends she has among NPP top guns. "None. I can't eat with any NPP member and I won't enter into any home of NPP to drink or eat because that could be misconstrued to mean bathing the same water in the same sink with them", she stated. She additionally stated that Ghana politics is going wayward and that the professions now need Pastors, Clergies, Bishops, Prophets, Imams and God fearing Christians and Moslems to enter into it to bring sanity or else, Ghana politics may be dead totally.

On maternal mortality rate in Ghana, I asked her to enumerate plans she has to help educate Ghanaian women, especially pregnant ladies. And without any hesitation, she said the NDC is helping women know simple things that pregnant women must know during and after pregnancy. She added that the government is providing laudable hospital equipments to furnish all the various hospitals to make delivery of child birth easier and be devoid of death. When I explained to her that maternal death in Ghana is high because of cultural, tribal, lack of resources and some religious faith, many mothers do not get the necessary care they need to carry and deliver their babies, and that according to the 2010 joint report issued by both Ghana Government and United Nations, 450 mothers died per every 100, 000 live births in 2008, she was calm and dejected.

However she said the government cannot solve all the problems alone and urge all husbands to treat their wives with respect and love them very well during pregnancy period and afterward.

When I touched on education for women, she was thrilled and quickly said Ghanaian women are well educated but thinks there is much room for improvement when it comes to higher education. "During this NDC 2 era (that' s since January, 2009), we have built over 1,300 under tree schools in Eastern and other parts of Ghana and we hope to build more schools to reduce the several under tree schools in Ghana", she said.

"Do you think building school blocks alone is enough if other necessary things are not offered?", I asked. "Well, that ' s why the NDC is using the single spine salary structure (SSSS) to pay teachers well and afford them a joyous accommodations to teach Ghanaian students well", she added. "Should education be free from grade one to the S.H.S level?", I asked.

"The government presently pays tuition and other fees for all public school students. The truth is,no government can provide free education from class one to the S.H.S level", she emphasized. This questions became important because many parents cry foul that they are not able to pay hefty fees and provide all other necessary demands their children ask them. And such inability of the under privilege parents compel them use their children as future hands and child labor, which does not help Ghana.

"You are National Women' s Organizer for NDC. Your government is in power. What can you do to reduce teenage pregnancy?", I asked. "Amissah, I think you are aware that teenage pregnancy is seen in every nation, including U.S here you live. No government can eradicate this problem. It is the duty of all parents to be up and doing to take good care of their children and inculcate the spirit of self-discipline and God fearing attitude in them", she lamented.

"Madam Anita De-Sooso, insulting slur is gradually destroying the true political convivial between both NDC and NPP. What should be done about politics of insults? Or do you think these two parties have any malediction on their heads and lips which cannot be revoked?", I asked. "NPP started insults in our politics and we are meeting them boot-for- boot. Politics of insult has come to stay and there is nothing anybody can do about it. Anyone who want to enter into politics must be prepared and get ready because all over the world, insult has come to stay in the profession", she stated strongly. "Madam, do you think this is the way Ghana must go to develop herself?", I asked. "Well, that's not the best way to go but so long as NPP continues to insult us (NDC people), we will not stop", she said.

"How democratic is NDC?", I asked the skillful politician. "NDC is very democratic in all things and you can use our recently primaries held in Sunyani as an example", she said.

"Why did you use your car to run over many pedestrians and NPP fans during the Akwatia parliamentary bi-election?", I opined. The intrepid woman said "NPP always use both atavistic and calumny methods to paint members of NDC as evils. I have not ran over anybody. I have not killed anybody. In NDC, we don't kill. It was rather NPP fans who wanted to lynch me and I told my driver to drive off their barricade. In fact, the NPP fans used so many objects to block the road thus my driver had to drive through the bush to run from them so it is not true I caused injurious scars or kill anybody".

When I told her many people are pleased with the way NDC has included in their government, young chaps, she was so elated and said many NPP fans recommend the NDC and that it is the wish of NPP youth that their leaders also allow them such opportunity to depict their skills and talent to help develop Ghana. She said NDC is now vibrant and dynamic than the past. She added that the NDC gives more respect, value and inclusion to women than NPP. She cited an instance where NPP charged their women parliamentary candidates 80 million cedis as compared to NDC women' s parliamentary candidates paid a scanty 10 million cedis.

Nevertheless, the vocal woman intimated that there are fewer women in global politics but NDC is doing everything feasible to get more women in their fold. And when I asked if there is anything NDC does wrong that she would like the NDC refrain from or change, she was direct and said she would be much delighted to see NDC construct more roads, build a lot more schools, provision of electricity and paying teachers well. When I asked her to lament about the indiscipline ethics of NDC foot soldiers, she took her fifth.

"There is allegations coming from some of your NDC gurus that the flag bearer of NPP, Nana Akufo Addo has skeletons in his cupboard. Do you think Nana Addo is a drug-addict?", I posed. "I can't answer this question. No detail comment. But what I want to tell you is that this did not start from the NDC camp. It was NPP top gun who brought up this disgraceful issue against their own leader. And that was in 2007 when Alan Kyeremateng was contesting him", she landed. "Is that anything you want NPP change from?", I asked. "Yes. NPP is fine and they are doing their work. But the only thing I will be happier seeing them do is putting an end to politics of insults", she voiced it out gallantly.

I put before her that for every nation to develop and be known globally, her citizens or populace must be patriotic with full sense of nationalism. Again, I added that many Ghanaians have no sense of patriotism and the order of the day is people seeking for their own and neglecting the interest of Ghana. Core values such as discipline, the fear of God, respect for the elderly, hardworking and love for all mankind play vital roles in any serious nation. "Many Ghanaians have lost the love of nationalism or patriotism, especially Ghanaians living abroad. What must we do to love our own Ghana?", I asked.

"This is a very, very good question. We must have faith in ourselves and always remember where we come from.We must sit down and remember our true identity. Let us have faith and be proud Ghanaians. We all have our parts to contribute immensely to help develop Ghana just as our Big Six did. Let' s respect Ghana because it' s a requirement which shows the respect we have for God", she stated.

"During the December 7, 2008 first round election, Nana Akufo Addo won the national vote cast by 49.13% as against President Mills' 47.92%. When the second round of election was conducted on December 28,2008 President Mills had 50.23% whereas Nana Akufo Addo got 49.77%, which means President Mills became president by a scanty 0.46% (less than 1%). If the 2012 election was cast today, how many percentage do you think NDC or President Mills can accumulate?", I asked.

"Amissah, during the just ended District Elections, we (NDC) won 63% so if I use all the eye pleasing developmental projects we have done and those we hope to finish before 2012 election, then I can say NDC will win next year' s election by 60%", the National Women' s Organizer for NDC, Madam Anita De-Sooso opined.

And when I asked what she thinks Ghanaians will remember the NDC with if NDC were to leave office today, she said the people of Ghana have seen that NDC is far better than NPP and thus there are a lot of things Ghanaians will have on their minds to remember NDC. "Can you enumerate specifically?", I asked.

"Well, developments are everywhere for all to see. People's lives are changed and many others will have theirs to be better before the 2012 election. Surely, President Mills will win 60% of next year' s election and he will hand over to his future successor on January 7, 2017", she joyously concluded.

Written by: Amissah, Kofi Isaac. email: Facebook: Isaac Amissah.

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