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Opinions of Saturday, 13 February 2010


Hypocritical attitudes of some Ghanaians on auctioning of cars ………..

Truth, they say, is one, but it is very difficult to profess! Especially in the political arena of today. If we don’t stop lies in our politics now, I wonder how our next two decades of politicking is going to be like....

I’m surprise too many Ghanaians are hypocrates. I am saying this because some people now want to portray to the Ghanaian public that, the auctioning of stolen cars and/or uncleared cars at the ports cars just started at the regime of his Excellency President, Asomdweehene, John Evans Fifii Atta-Mills.... And so, some people want to make it look like it’s new in our system, I am ready to mention names and cars owned by N.P.P ordinary members and also same party constituency executives of the Sekondi and Takoradi constituencies, and even beyond! Some of these people even bought auctioned cars as low as 800 Ghana cedis....and not that we are talking of dilapidated – scap-like cars, but here I am talking of luxury cars ranging from toyota rav4, toyota land crusers, golf iii, golf 4, bmw 318, bmw 520 opel astra, audi 80, ford excort etc...... I personally have my reservation if such is still going on under the nose of selfless and humble president Mills... The question am asking is president Mills aware of this? I personally don’t think so. If it is true that such things are still perpetrating in the system, I think some thing fast should be done about it and such malpractices should be brought to an immediate halt. Those of us who have stayed in overseas will bare me witness of the sufferings people go through before they bring some commodity to Ghana, especially cars. I believe the sitting government is a social democratic one and I know our President cares much for all Ghanaians especially those of us suffering in foreign lands. I think all Ghanaians especially the civil servants should be given equal opportunities to purchase uncleared cars and stolen cars confiscated by the state at standard valued prices and through genuine public and open market policy. In fact such a practice should be clearly defined by the stae laws and should follow open and transparent regulations. For me incomes from these transactions should be used to improve the public welfare system. An alternative should also created for the owners of such cars to be able to claim their cars in a protracted manner. For example if you bring your car home and you cannot pay the duty outright there should be mechanism by which a guarantor who is on government payroll and/or regular private payroll to stand in and make an initial payment/deposit and the balance to be paid within a particular period of time, even by instalment, after the stipulated period if the duty is not fully paid then the government can auction the said vehicle. For safety the said car can be registered by both owner and the state until total payment is made then change of ownership can be done to that effect..... Your Excellency, President Mills and Hon Minister for Habours and Railway, please try and sit down the stake holders at our various ports to review the system of clearing goods from our Ports of entry, travellers and traders go through a lot hell before they can clear a single container or car...the clearing agents also should be watched with an eagle eye! I believe the clearing agents are part of the problems, some go to extent of inflating values and demanding monies from customers to go and see custom officers?? And in the end, dupe traders and travellers huge sums of money. In fact sometimes I wonder if such clearing agents are really necessary!! Mr president I think a lot should be done to review the importation duties we pay at various ports .Traders especially importers are suffering. I think the government of professor mills has to do something about the duties of goods imported especially the ones that can not be manufactured in in ghana like spare parts, computers, cars etc

Anytime I read some articles about auctioning of confiscated and/or uncleared Vehicles, I run out of patience.....where were those so called concern Ghanaians when auctioning of cars went in favour of n.p.p executives, radio commentators and even serial callers.

I have friends in my home town who owe as many as three auctioned cars, I also know n.p.p executives who use to buy and sell some and even those who bought some for their wives, parents, friends, family members and girl friends.....if they want to challenge I will bring out names, type of car and even the registration numbers of some of the cars! It about time the truth is said once and for all.

Name : kirk e-mail: Mobile: 00393207048177