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Opinions of Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Columnist: Bombande, Emmanuel

Hwe wo ase tenamu nato aba pa

Woman casts her ballot. Woman casts her ballot.

"Okwasea nnim hwe no, se dokono to hye a, ohunu se aben". To with, "even if a fool does not know a well cooked kenkey,he or she can tell from the burnt part".

Well, I might be the only "draft person" in this country but I can certainly predict that when someone demands a cup,tea leaf,sugar,milk,bread,spoon and hot water,it is obvious that person wants to make a cup of tea.

We were in this country when our President stated categorically that,he will never restore the nurses and the teacher trainee allowances. Today,with less than twenty-three days to the election, information emanating from the flagstaff house has it that,a cross section of the students have started receiving their allowances. Folks,if I may ask,what has change?

The "akans" have a saying that goes this way,"se aboa biaa ebe wu a,opre".Meaning, "when the beast is on the verge of death,it kicks". I am therefore not surprise the President instead of making the flagstaff house his target for the second time,has made Nana Addo his "focal point".

As a lad of this country who has tasted both NDC and NPP as far as administration of the state is concern,I can clearly read in between the lines.

I will always wish our President unquantifiable and limitless bad luck as he embarks on his campaign trail.It is good he knows that the political history of this country is replete with eras of maladministration and corruption perpetrated by he himself, his family and his friends.

Under the watch of our President, Ghana has overtaken Nigeria in corruption, slept in darkness like never before, spent millions cedis rearing guinea fowls that took "Ethiopian air lines" to Burkina Faso with no returning tickets,borrowed like an irresponsible nation.He created the S.A.D.A, allocated millions of dollars under the pretence of developing the North and connived with cronies in fraudulently robbing the good people of the North.

I sometimes blame the drafters of the constitution for allowing us to impose on ourselves a corrupt, greedy,heartless and a highly incompetent man whose sole aim as we have all seen is primarily focused on wining elections following the death of our President (Mills).

A bird whispered into my ears that circumstances surrounding the dearth of our beloved President still remains a mystery but for the sake of time,I will not go down to the nitty-gritty of that story.

Folks,let the President understands that,we are not as stupid as he thinks and therefore his penchant for lies,deceit and propaganda must cease.

He can fool some Ghanaians all the time but he can never fool all Ghanaians all the time.

Comrades,the message today is very simple,"hwe wo ase tenamu nato aba pa".