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Opinions of Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Columnist: Adzimah, E. D.

Humouring It Away… My Style!

Dear Joel Osteen you are fantastic but please drop the reverend! You are usurping Gods title! And am serious!

Dear Otabil you are good teacher. I have wondered if you have studied with a local church of Christ or world bible school before please pastor stop the instrumental music in your church. It disturbs him and mares the whole worship… listen to that outside the church!

Dear Jehovah’s witnesses you hold on to the best lie( doctrine) ever possible... that’s certainly not protecting the truth( Gracie, Janet am sorry but that’s the truth. We can discuss it further!)

I know my husband wouldn’t eat my food today but Iwould like to say uncle Atta-Mills wasn’t a unifier, he was a lousy leader and a hypocrite !and above all he wasn’t Christian! No Christian attends T B Joshua’s church am n afraid!

Sekou Nkrumah says the truth. he to me is better than Samia Nkrumah. He is visionary!

Dear Samia NkrumahIi still am waiting for a teary apology from you to Paa Kwasi Nduom for telling him to stop that nonsense... a virtuos woman will never say that and for crying out loud you are part Ghanaian! Be respectful cos I know you daddy taught you to respect your elders! Shame!

Dear Mahama be a little confident! Your posture is just not right for many occasions really!

Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo addo, you are the best man for Ghana but have all the patience in the world I plead... Gentle Jack( his excellency ex president Kuffour) you are certainly the favourite of all the presidents in the world and oh you look like my favourite ( nephew Prince Darko Acheampong alias Prinx Skeley ) of Takoradi Poly!

Dear celebrities in Ghana, just care a little about your fans and the ordinary Ghanaian who support you please...

Still think Herbert Mensah is one of the most likeable people Ghana has ever produced! If you stood for the presidency, u would have made my decision of who to vote for a shaky one! You know what you did for me… God bless!

Dear Government please empower public institutions to be strong like President Obama suggested! Too much corruption, lack of information, lousy customer service and oh people in charge do not know how to use the ordinary pc! Myself and my 11 year old nephew richard asare alias owura oof prempeh college Jhs can make some money out of you by teaching all of you basic computing! lol

I admire the ex president Jerry Rawlings an d his wife nana, an ewe- akan collaboration which is what i have too and is the best! But Jerry there is a God who will judge us someday... just call my local preacher, he is Joseph Adu Gyamfi and this is his number 0205570421. He will tell you something about the man above you have never heard of! Trust me....

Finally church of christ is the one true church... just lets go into the scriptures!

Mrs E. D. Adzimah.