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Opinions of Monday, 9 May 2011

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

Humbling of the “Rottenses”; When Propaganda Rules

It has taken too long a time for the Rawlingses to know their station however, his sycophants have made him so yet whether or not it is clear to Ghanaians, no doubt the truth in the cloud overcasting the NDC is unfolding as it should because the unseen but potent forces of Nature never allow evil to triumph and succeed no matter how long it stays to torment others. An Akan proverb has it that the housefly that overstays its visit to a corps goes into the grave with the corpse. The myth surrounding the rotten Rawlingses is broken for them to fly an ordinary pitch. Though I have always disagreed with controversial Kwesi Pratt, I recall a statement he once made demystifying the mad dog called Jerry John Rawlings whose imaginary mystical red crest bears no fire. Not only are John and Mrs Rawlings being laid bare and “naked” before Ghanaians, all things hidden in the Party abbreviated NDC from the sight of majority of Ghanaians through the casuistry and propaganda by sharp-tonged NDC apologists who have defended lies and deceit with all their might and main by painting glorious angelic images of rather scary teratiod Rawlings to the people of Ghana are beginning to surface. If nobody but Hon E T Mensah of all people amongst the many who have hailed and supported the Rawlings useless coup of 31st December 1981 and 19 years administration can boldly come out and pinpoint John Rawlings’ 19 years of governance is insignificant and un-comparable to John Mills’ 858 days in office, then indeed strange things are happening in the country to which all Ghanaians must heed for their socio-political awakening. However, considering this mudslinging episode in their impending leadership primaries, what could have been the latent and immediate quid pro quo causative factor? The latent is as follows: Following his visit to Cuba after their so-called 4th June 1979 nonsense with a bunch of wayward miscreant adventurers and upon Castro’s advice to him that a revolution doesn’t last for three months, John Rawlings has ever regretted accepting and allowing parliamentary democracy in Ghana, though he did so under pressure. The last straw that broke the donkey’s back was the eventual ceding of power to the NPP which comprises thousands of self-made savants dubbed elites, all of whom he would want to see dead and buried. Imagining the success of any other person other than himself or through him remains a serious abomination. To rotten and covetous from birth Rawlings possessed with a continuum of evil thoughts, everybody is a thief and corrupt, yet he has stolen more than what could be counted and has supervised the most venal administration any Ghanaian can think of that is recorded. In his ever wistfulness this psychopath has endured self-induced bitterness towards everybody, hence seeking all possible avenues to either assume power once again by seizing power as he did to Dr Limman and to remain there for the rest of his life as all dictators do, or as a quasi-gerent, an attitude he thought he could strike under Mills as President of the republic. Realising he would fail in the seize power approach this time in Ghana, he dwelt his hopes on an imagined opportunity to control the Mills administration as a day-to-day consultant on all affairs of governance most especially his gleichschaltung murderous approach with the use of the security forces and the judiciary in some cases to eliminate all opponents and everybody he personally detested.

The immediate cause of his grievance from analysing his own statements can be gleaned as follows: Not even months but days after John Mills assumed power in January 2009, John Rawlings realised his consultancy position was a forlorn hope, instead Mills’ questionably incredulous campaign message to the electorate that he would be his own man as a would-be President was unfolding as a fact. At a party conference in Tamale in 2009 to elect Party officials, Konadu’s Tee-shirts emerged for the first time whiles Rawlings ridiculed his alder liefest Sweduru-declared NDC leader Associate Professor of Law John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills mockingly as Atta mortuary-man to a tumultuous applause of the delegates. These were the earliest omens of what the wiseacre Rawlingses were planning in the clear view of every normal thinking person that would elude only idiots, yet headed by Kofi Adams, NDC casuists denied and defended any such intention that the Rawlingses were undermining John Mills’ Presidency and leadership of the NDC. Finally, though true in all respects, the “pigs” were indeed over-fattening by milking Ghana dry aptly referred to as greedy bastards by Rawlings, overtly or covertly corrupt as he is, he had no moral right in his circumstances if he had applied the doctrine of syneidesis. Ghanaians must ask themselves first the mentality of this deceptive and hypocritical rotten Rawlings towards Ghanaians and what he takes the people of Ghana for. Secondly, his sense of judgement and finally his vision for Ghana and Ghanaians as he continually and persistently forces distasteful objects down our throat. In answer to what he takes Ghanaians for, it is clear that John Rawlings has discovered that a greater majority of his disciples are not only analphabetic, most of them including the lettered few are simply an opportunistic bunch of shiftless exploiters whiles the rest fall easy prey to deception either plainly or through the medium of easy to detect propaganda that even a person with the mentality of a ten years old can subitise. On his sense of judgement, no one must take this monster for a bumbler. He has worked with John Mills as his vice for four years and knew all about his strengths and weaknesses. He knew his persistently planted leader could not govern without someone on the controls zapping him so he would in the circumstances. His gravamen lies with him losing controlling John Mills to satisfy his whims and caprices as his controlling position is taken over by the Awhois and others. A psychopathic mad dog as he is, his consistent latrations suggest his fears of the future and dissatisfaction to seeing his opponents walk tall and not being put in prison or killed because if he were in the capacity of John Mills with executive powers to do so, he would have done it. Therefore if Mills is not satisfying his desires, he is not a competent driver to ‘steer the bus’ to its destination but Konadu, his usual complotter who he trusts reference the murder of the Judges experience can do it without any compunction. The Rawlingses are looking forward to a establishing a sort of constitutional monarchy in Ghana as it is in North Korea, in Togo and in Cuba just as Gadhafi planned for Libya. This is not about the time the world started seeing both the 1979 and the 1981 idiotic coups and murders of all former heads of State as means to selfish ends, it is the genesis of the demise of the undeservedly apportioned glorification and near- apotheosising of John and Konadu Agyemang Rawlings as liberators. Their selfish interest position has manifested itself not just as thieves and swindlers who have subjected Ghana’s integrated society to its worst and polarised position they are murderers and armed robbers who intend to highjack Ghana’s peace and democracy by plummeting Ghana into a state of anomie and anarchy. My fatidical lens reveals the worst of all the wrangling to unfold during their leadership campaign across Ghana followed by an untold drama at the Sunyani congress in July where bottles will crack, daggers and knives will be drawn, clubs and arrows will be hurled and guns will be fired, far worse than the Koforidua congress that precipitated the exit of NDC personalities like Frances Asiam, Dr Orbed Asamoa et al from the Party. Nobody prays for a yam barn to burn however if it does, knives get ready for roasted yam to be eaten. I will reserve the rest of my comments and opinions for more of in rixa outbursts of mad dog John and Konadu Agyeman rotten Rawlings, as to whether they will discipline and humble themselves by cowing out after this show of strength and support with pomp and pageantry or remain obstinate for more to be unfolded from their irate and unguarded statements. What will be the Rawlingses campaign message and what will be the response from the John Mills’ camp? If indeed John Rawlings is either a redeemer or a cruel, bullying, selfish greedy bastard the ball is in the court of Ghanaians to decide.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa, LLB; MPhil (London) London UK