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Opinions of Friday, 12 July 2019

Columnist: Rollins Benaiah

How to increase your company revenue

One of the easiest ways to increase revenue is to get your employees to be more productive.

The challenge is, employee productivity is the result of a combination of factors, some of which are out of the employer’s control. But, one thing is certain — when employees are HAPPY, they invest their best effort in delivering their tasks — which, evidently leads to better results.

So, the question you should ask yourself, as a business person, if you want to increase your company revenue, is: “How do I make my employees happy?” Here are 5 ways.

1.Help employees acquire their needs

Your employees, just like yourself, have needs. They want to live a comfortable life and have sound mind. If you can create a scheme that helps them acquire their needs, you sure will experience growth in revenue as a result of increased employee productivity. The good thing is, you don’t have to invest a dime in setting up this scheme. Thanks to Westcape For Employers, which is an employee benefits scheme, you can guarantee for your employees to buy home appliances, electronic gadgets, rent an apartment, travel for a vacation and pay in monthly instalments. Yes, they will pay in monthly instalments for their needs thanks to you. Westcape For Employers increases employee satisfaction by 80%. What a relief!

2.Give employees a good working environment

Providing a good working environment is an indispensable area to look at in increasing employee satisfaction. Workers that constantly operate under highly stressful conditions are found to be less productive and have higher levels of disengagement and absenteeism according to Kenneth Jackson, a professor at Columbia University. Ensuring that the workers feel comfortable with what they see and feel around them contributes to increased engagement and thus, revenue growth.

3.Give employees the right tools and equipment

Having the right tools helps employees to carry out their tasks comfortably and reduce the amount of time wasted on delayed processes. This makes work less stressful, contributing to high productivity at the workplace. No one feels good waiting for a colleague to finish with a machine or appliance before getting to use it. You can buy the right equipment and tools for your employees and pay in monthly installments on

4.Reward your employees

Rewards and recognition are great tools for increasing employee satisfaction. When employees are recognized and rewarded for a job well done, it motivates them to work harder. Rewards can be in a form of bonuses, paid vacation, cards or office massages. No one does anything without motivation.

5.Develop the skills and potential of your employees

Another way to increase your employee satisfaction is by offering them professional courses. It can be in-house training programs designed to upgrade employees’ knowledge in thematic areas. Research shows that training and education motivates people and makes them more productive and innovative. When there is less supervision from the manager’s side, trained employees become more capable, confident and take ownership of their roles.

There are many other ways to increase your company revenue, notably, by increasing your marketing spend, doing more of public relations and sponsorships among others. But, the fundamentals of revenue growth lie in the ability of your employees to deliver on the job. So, why not make them happy?