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Opinions of Monday, 27 April 2015

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Letter to president Mahama

I write to thank you for the wonderful work that you are embarking across the whole country. Electrification,schools,road networks and many others are what majority of Ghanaians are witnessing under your able leadership. You have surprised many especially the opposition party and it's alleys for your stand against corruption and still they can't believe it's was a reality because,several other issues of such in the past under their regime was swept under the carpet of which you are fighting today. In the last state of nation address,you gave the State of the Nation address to Parliament where some dignitaries were seen dozing off because of the many projects and programs that you showed through a PowerPoint presentation.

Few days later, the NPP gave what they termed "The true State of the Nation" address in which they compared the achievements of President Kuffour's eight years to Your two years in governance. They did that and concluded that President Mahama has not done anything at all. You can now understand why the new patriotic party of today wants to say they were the northern people's party of 61 years. You have surprised them with your great leadership. You now understand why the likes of Nana Addo Danquah and other bigwigs of new patriotic party said last year they were celebrating their 60 years and claiming they are back to their roots,meaning the northern part is their roots. Where are their roots? Have they lost it as a result of your hard work? Were these current new patriotic party has the aim of protecting the interest of the Northern regions or see people from north capable of doing something better?. A secret audio tape few days circulating on both social and traditional media captures a male voice resembling that of the former finance Minister bemoaning that even though about 90 percent of Ghana's natural resources are concentrated in mainly Akan-speaking regions of the country, it is people who come from regions without resources that are governing the country.

The tape was apparently captured at a meeting between the former Finance Minister and the NPP's Council of Elders in the Eastern region.

The voice, which mostly spoke in the local Twi language, but punctuated the delivery with some English, is heard bemoaning why Akan-speaking people, whose regions are rich with natural resources, are not the ones at the helm of managing those resources.

"...You have all the resources, but you have no say in the management of your resources and that is what is happening. Your development depends on the one who has no resources," the voice said.

"You can't say this openly," he cautioned the Council members, but added that they are at liberty to talk about it among Asantes.

"We should protect ourselves, we should protect our income. No one who is the source of income, the source of revenue, the source of resources allows another person without those resources the chance [to rule over them].

"It's never done anywhere in the world. In the world over, it is the group with the most resources that rules and not the other way around," the voice said.

In the estimation of the voice, "86.5 percent of resources in Ghana come from five regions: Brong Ahafo, Ashanti, Eastern, Western and Central. This is where 86 percent of the resources of Ghana come from... And the oil was also discovered in the West. It will change the formula to about 90 percent. We cannot ignore these five regions. We should not," the voice added. Mr. President!,looking at the allege Hon. Osofo Marfo's tape they are a lot to be done to energizer the sinking sprit of the true ndc party youth and die hard supporters across the country. Most of us have lose hope of what is happening upon all the development projects running across the country because most hardworking ndc youth are strangling to just eat. Mr. President!!,Something serious needs to be done before 2016 election to keep the true ndc sprit. Long live ndc,long live Ghana.

Ibrahim Hardi,email;,contact 0208235615.