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Opinions of Saturday, 25 April 2015

Columnist: Elimas, Mariam Abubakari

MTN M’afe Nie Promotion – Labour or Lady Luck?

It was all excitement and jubilation at the Graphic Road office of MTN last Tuesday for some loyal customers of the giant telecommunications company, especially for the grand prize winner of the first edition of the M’afe Nie promotion. Kofi Anane, a Mathematics teacher at Daomase Senior High School in the Eastern Region.
“M’afe Nie” Promotion (literally meaning This is My Year) was launched on 1st March 2015 to reward MTN customers with “life changing valuable prizes”. And indeed some lives have been changed as a result of some of these prizes. For people like Kofi Anane and his wife Gertrude Asamoah, both teachers in the senior high schools in the Eastern Region, this prize has come in the nick of time.
The stories behind every prize winner of any promo are either, they fully invested and participated or they just played along with the hope that they may win something. Some also do not necessarily have to participate but they end up winning something all the same. And so it was at the first awards of the MTN M’Afi Nie Promotion.
So what is the story behind Gertrude Asamoah the winner of the first prize, a 3 bedroom house? Gertrude Asamoah and her husband Kofi Anane are both Mathematics teachers. Kofi Anane, husband of Gertrude Asamoah who couldn’t make it to the awards ceremony explained that after hearing of the promo on Angel FM, a Kumasi based radio station, he and the wife decided to go all out to win the second prize i.e a brand new KIA Rio. They therefore went in for a loan of GHS 5000 in order to realize their dream. They however invested GHS 4000 of the loan in making calls, texting and using part for data to browse on the MTN Network. And indeed the risk paid off.
When asked how this prize was going to change their lives, the school teacher said “In fact we never dreamt of getting a house in Accra so we are going to decide whether we will change environment”. He also explained that they could not have used all the GHS 4000 of airtime and data by themselves so they had to give their phones to their neighbors who needed to make calls just so that they will spend as much airtime as possible. The same they did for the data they used for the internet. The spirit to win and the faith they had in the promo drove them to go all out indeed.
Kofi’s story is in sharp contrast to that of Sunday Olawele, a Nigerian businessman based in Ghana. Sunday had not been aware of the promo but had gone about his daily use of his mobile phone just like any other MTN subscriber had. He said he received a surprise call from MTN that he’s a winner of one of the two KIA Rio cars in the Promo.
The dance of a Nigerian when excited was witnessed when Sunday’s name was mentioned as a winner of the KIA Rio. He said he will park his old Hyundai Elantra car in the garage now that he’s been handed the keys to this new one. His joy knew no bounds. Sunday was seen leaning on the car with his face beaming with smiles unending. One can only imagine how the day will end for such a fellow.
The second KIA Rio also went to Prince Borbie who said he heard of the promotion, participated but not at any extra cost. He said he occasionally dialed *120# to check his accrued points with the hope of winning any of the prizes but not a prize as big as the car. Prince has never owned a car and doesn’t even know how to drive. “I came with someone to drive me home” he exclaimed when asked how he was going to take the car home. For Prince this prize is going to ease his means of transportation. It’s a breakthrough for him and he is thankful to MTN Ghana.
Some other prize winners such as the winner of a 32-inch LED TV and a Power Bank, Jade said that as Head of Customer Service for his company Jade Eservices, he makes and receives a lot of calls, thus his heavy usage of the network.
The saying “no pain, no gain” could be the personal motto of Kofi Anane and his wife while sheer luck had been the portion of Sunday Olawele. For Prince Borbie he could have won the house if he had put in just a little more effort. He just may have. But life is just like that, the more you put into any venture the more the returns. It can be risky and not make sense but it can also be very rewarding when fortune smiles on you like it had on Kofi Anane and his family.
M’afe Nie Promo, the Chief Marketing Officer, Mr Raul De, explained will run till 31st May and it seeks to reward over 10,000 customers during each month. Two 3-bedroom houses, 4 KIA Rio, mobile phones and other fantastic prizes are going to be given away by the end of the period.
There are still mouth watering prizes, such as IPhone 6¬+ handset, Huawei Y220, 32-inch LED TVs and many more at stake and any MTN Pay As You Go subscriber can win any of it by continuing to making call, texting and browsing on the MTN network.