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Opinions of Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

How often Rational or Irrational are the Views of Dr. Tony Aidoo?

Without mincing words, let me acknowledge how quite disappointed I am in Dr. Tony Aidoo, the Head of the Evaluation and Oversight Unit of the Office of the President. By his loose talks, the trait of his marked temperament, Tony Aidoo in the opinion of many discerning Ghanaians has become a disgrace unto himself, his office, the President who appointed him and Ghana. He has completely disassociated himself from the noble saying, "Silence is golden and patience is a virtue" He is known to react on the spur of the moment in which case he always comes up with sillier responses. Can such a person, a supposed academician but who makes irrational assumptions and statements, be trusted with the duties as defined in his current job description?

It will be recalled that sometime last year; Tony Aidoo classified all "tongues-speaking" Ghanaian Christians as mad people. He wondered why they should be speaking in unintelligible language when possessed by their so-called Holy Ghost. He still held his ground even though he came under a barrage of insults, accusations and chastisement.

This same gaffe prone clown came out unashamedly to threaten that he would advise President Mills to discontinue with the completion of any unfinished projects initiated by the rival former NPP administration. This is the last straw that broke the camel's back. With this condemnable nonsensicality of the highest order coming from a seemingly comedian, I feel of being of noble service to Ghanaians by rebuking Tony Aidoo. It is about time he was told to buck up as a reasonable being but not a political weirdo. His offered reasons for NDC discontinuing with the Kufuor's initiated projects are: 1) The NPP will take credit for such projects when completed 2) The NDC also have their own projects to initiate and complete in line with their manifesto and as promised their party faithful. 3) There has not been any budget for completing the NPP's uncompleted projects. 4) It will be political incorrectness and also suicidal for the NDC come 2012 elections if they had nothing of their own initiative and completion to point to the electorates and their party sympathisers to garner votes.

For the above absurd reasons, President Mills is advised by our noble Mr. Comedian Tony Aidoo to abandon all NPP-initiated but uncompleted projects. What a crass misrepresentation of the facts to score cheap political points. For the information of Tony Aidoo and his like-minded NDC sycophants, all uncompleted projects started by the NPP or any other government were borne out of the tax payers money. If all such projects were in the best interest of the general public, or a section of the Ghanaian public, or a community in the country, then they have to be continued with until completed. If the so-called projects were/are not to serve the personal parochial interests of their architects, then they have to be seen through to completion. Doing away with uncompleted projects simply because they were initiated by ones rival without considering their greater benefit to society is preposterous as the proposer is a wicked person bent on causing financial loss to the State.

1 Corinthians 3:6 - I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. - said Paul. Does the just quoted Scripture make any sense to Dr. Tony Aidoo? The NPP, NDC, CPP etc. can start something, say a project. Once started, others must get involved, doing their bits until what has started by whoever attains the expected goal, that is, completion. This final result is always the best, and is in the greater interest of the entire people rather than having it abandoned half-way through as suggested by Tony Aidoo of political immaturity and infamy. Truly, common sense is common but never common at all to the probably concert man Tony Aidoo.

For Ghana to reach any enviable socio-economic status as a nation, our politicians must learn to have in place a policy of economic and project continuity. A 50-year Development Plan enforceable on any political party forming the government within the start and finish timescale of the Plan will be the best option. This will ensure continuity as against the absurd proposition by Tony Aidoo. This feature of continuity will avoid material, time and financial waste. Assuming when Paul planted and Apollos had refused to water; would there have been any yield let alone the increase? If God had not given the increase, would the efforts expended by Paul and Apollos be anything to write home about? What about the case scenario where Paul did not plant at all?

The Atta Mills' NDC government subsequent upon Tony Aidoo's warped suggestion has discontinued with the uncompleted projects started by the Kufuor administration. About five thousand initiated but uncompleted Low Cost houses by the NPP are said to be abandoned by the NDC government. The houses are left at the mercy of the vagaries of the rainy and sunny weather of Ghana. They are left to ruin yet, people are sleeping rough in the streets of Ghana. These houses are left to ruin yet the NDC government has sought loans to initiate her own – STX Korean housing project of initial 30,000 houses. In case the NPP takes over power from the NDC in 2012 which surely they will, and abandons the project a quarter or a half-way through as found, will the NDC be happy? Will such action benefit the country? Will it not rather be hindering the advancement of Ghana? It will either stagnate or retrogress to infantile the intended economic progress of the nation by keeping us mired in one place – one step forward and two backward. If such a wasteful circle should be the norm of the day in the life of Ghana, where will Ghanaians be heading to as people?

Tony Aidoo is sorry to say, a waste of space judging by his hasty incomprehensible suggestions, pronouncements and erratic behaviour. If I had my own way, I would revoke his paper qualifications and dismiss him from holding government appointments. He has nothing better to offer Ghana but absolute insanity. I am sure Tony is happy to see the NDC footy-soldiers act the way they do; intimidating, ruinously inclined and full of hatred for their political opponents.

Please Tony Aidoo, President Mills, and NDC government, do complete all viable projects started by the Kufuor' NPP administration. Should NPP tend to tease you for having no agenda of your own, make a fool of them by referring them to my explanations above.

Rockson Adofo