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Opinions of Thursday, 3 March 2016

Columnist: Amo-Asare Jeffery

How MTN can be the greatest hero of change

It’s such a good feeling to see selfless men and women being celebrated. Reviewing the achievements of these great heroes and heroines in MTN’s hero of change sparks a light of hope within my spirit, at least we have examples in this country to emulate in changing lives and transforming this nation.

Once again, to Dr. Abrokwa-Yenkyira, Dr Emmanuel Bidzakin, Rev Jehu Appiah, Nayina Karim, Yvonne Boaduaa, Salome Francois, Isaac Adjaottor, Emmanuel Quartey, Nicholas Kumah, Paul Semen, I say God richly bless you so much and make your works a footprint to guide many in transforming lives.

I might not be a prophet but based on what MTN has done, I believe strongly that very soon, they are going to be crowned as the greatest hero of change in this country if they give special attention to what I have to share.

Moving across the corners of this country, one thing I noticed was, majority of the people in this country are desperate to do something for this nation and not otherwise.

A clear example is our patience as a country during these times of power crises. Upon all the losses that overshadowed this country, yet we see men and women casting the past events of dumsor away and rolling up their sleeves to push this country forward.

For a country to demand great service and commitment from her people, she needs to provide the enabling environment that will make every effort sow in it flourish.

I believe if our country had that enabling environment that the US had during the statement of John F Kennedy, Ghana, with this strong and determined citizens, would be telling a different story by now.

There are a lot of people in this country with brilliant ideas which with a little support would transform this nation. Soon, if the condition in this country continue to persist, there would be no mind to develop ideas. Strong nations are built on ideas which develop into realities.

Our greatest hero of change would therefore be the one who would be able to make the Ghanaian environment an enabling environment for growth and I strongly believe that MTN has everything it takes to do that for us.

How would that be done? it’s simple, this time, just encourage Ghanaians to develop developmental ideas and support them make these ideas develop into realities to create sustainable jobs and livelihoods.

That’s all we need in this country and that is how MTN can be the greatest hero of change in this country.