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Opinions of Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

How Honest and Credible are Ghanaian Peace advocates and Pastors?

For sometime now, I have been entertaining doubts about the credibility and honesty of most of our Ghanaian pastors and peace advocates. My suspicion about their insatiable greediness, selfishness, hidden intentions and agendas, coupled with their pettiness with the truth, stands now vindicated.

Election 2012 has revealed how hollow, hypocritical and insubstantial some Ghanaian pastors and peace advocates are. From their actions and words, one can conclusively tell how most of them are without integrity but simply chasers of material wealth that is but all vanity. For the sake of worldly possessions, most of them have compromised their godly calling if indeed; God called them to their pastoral duty.

I am flabbergasted at the nauseating dictatorial orders supposedly issued to the members of the Saviour Church of Ghana (Gyidi Kok33) across the country by their "Spiritual Head" who resides in Oseam in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Highly educated as he is (a University product), he still believes in holding his numerous followers in both psychological and mental bondage. He seems not to see the benefit of his followers acquiring intelligence and wisdom through formal education. The more and the longer they remain illiterates, the better it is for him to exploit them to the hilt.

According to a reliable source of information, he had ordered the entirety of the members of his "Gyidi KoK33" (red cassock-wearing Saviour Church members) to vote solely NDC since the NDC era of former President Jeremiah John Rawlings. I will in future explain what might have informed his decision to instruct his large following as asserted. In the meantime, I am more worried about how he is holding so many people psychological slaves without the victims knowing.

Until his followers take the shackles of "Opanin se" (as directed by the Spiritual Leader) from their minds, they will continue to remain slaves of some sort. In addition, as said, the destination of a slave is still a slave in irony until he thinks independently. Until he allows his followers to vote for the political parties of their choice based on their individual circumstances, issues and aspirations, I will continue to see his stance as very unhelpful and dictatorial. As God told Pharaoh, "Let my people go" so do I ask the Head of the Saviour Church of Ghana to let his followers think independently.

One wonders how in this modern day and age, a large section of Ghanaians still look upon some church leaders as tin gods, succumb to their directives and are in awe of them. It is painful to see these so-called spiritual heads feeding fat on the ignorance of their followers.

I was in Ghana, interviewed some of the "gyidifo" and I was astounded at how far they have absurdly been brainwashed to do their master's bidding to their disastrous disadvantage or detriment. Who knows how extensively their leader's palm had been greased by the unprecedentedly corrupt NDC administration to warrant or influence his decision to order them to vote en masse for the NDC. While he lives in affluence with his numerous wives and children, over 90% of his church members live in abject poverty and are completely without formal education.

At any "gyidi" polling station that they find about three votes cast for any political party other than the NDC, the local leader should initiate investigations into finding the dissenting voters. When found, he would order the excommunication of those voters from the church. How preposterous his instruction has always been. While his children are highly educated and into better paid jobs in the US, Europe and in Ghana, his large followers are mainly poor peasant farmers living at the vagaries of nature and at his beck and call.

Most of the so-called peace advocates are merely bootlickers who seek their parochial interest. Upon all the blatant corruption, injustices and election malpractices visited on Ghana by the Mills/Mahama and Mahama/Armissah-Arthur-led NDC governments, these advocates all calling for submission and peace. Instead of calling for the redress of the obvious injustices, grievances etc, they are rather siding with that shameless wrinkled midget called Kwadwo Afari-Gyan.

I understand the Chairman of the Ghana Christian Council came out to make a statement that has since received public condemnation. He was on the side of peace but not justice hence the sharp public condemnation he received. Until they learn to conduct themselves as responsible persons without prejudice, the little respect they have will be taken away from them.

I call on discerning Ghanaians to resist the daylight robbery the NDC in connivance with Kwadwo Afari-Gyan have visited on Ghana. All those that have aided and abetted the NDC to perpetrate that heinous election-rigging crime against Ghanaians must not only bow down their heads in shame but also be ready to face the consequences before God. As the blood of Abel cried unto God when Cain murdered him for no just cause, so are the innocent tears of Ghanaians complaining to God. God will surely speak. John Mahama and his NDC are alleging that God has ordained them to win the 2012 election to rule Ghana for the next four years. My question to God is, "Father, did you really allow them to win the election? From human perspective, I doubt it considering the scale of the gargantuan vote buying, tampering with election results, raiding of the NPP headquarters, misuse of the nation's money and the?stark corruption that the NDC embarked upon". God will speak to let the truth known; believe you me, my dear reader.

The NDC and their conspiring pastors and peace advocates can continue to lie, the truth will surely out!

Rockson Adofo