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Opinions of Sunday, 4 April 2010

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Hope to the Victims of Carl Wilsons’ Car Seizure Spree

My heart bleeds when I hear and read about the sorrows, the desperation, and the hardships Carl Wilson and my fellow Londoner, Dishonourable Alex Segbefia, have brought upon some honourable Ghanaians. For how long should I continue to sit on the fence with arms folded around the chest, nonchalantly agape while my fellow Ghanaian car importers suffer outright injustice back home in Ghana? I am obliged to come to the defence of the defenceless as I am always gifted to do.

I felt disheartened listening to the succinct live narration of the plight of one Al Wahab, a Ghanaian car importer who has like many others, fallen a victim to the thievery scheme hatched and implemented by Carl Wilson as sanctioned by my once fellow London hustler, Alex Segbefia. I wonder how the currently disgraced and sacked Carl Wilson could have his personal software to run to detect overseas stolen cars shipped to Ghana. This is incredible. This is a total deception intended to underestimate the intelligence of all well-meaning Ghanaians. His claim defies any normal existing conventions relating to importation of goods into the country. Where did he acquire that personal software from? Why are the purported stolen cars as impounded by Carl Wilson and his NDC syndicate not returned to their respective genuine owners abroad, but are either released to some NDC officials for free, or are auctioned at a pittance, and the money kept by the President Atta Mills’ NDC government? Is the government’s action of generating revenue by auctioning the cars and keeping the proceeds not amounting to being accomplice to this overseas car theft if actually, the cars were stolen by some irresponsible Ghanaians resident or sojourning abroad and shipped to Ghana as alleged?

It has been alleged and confirmed that the government could not meet its revenue collection target as anticipated for Tema Harbour. Has the government ever thought about the reasons why? I hope not. How would Ghanaians continue to ship cars into the country to generate income to the government if they were going to become victims to the nonsensical syndicated Carl Wilson cum Alex Segbefia’s thievery in place at the harbour? Alex Segbefia in spite of the cumulonimbus clouds hovering densely over Carl Wilson’s head as to his dishonest intentions, casting doubt over his competence, selflessness and patriotism, still was out there on air defending him to the hilt. This untoward attitude of Alex Segbefia gives credence to my persuasion that he did benefit somehow from Carl Wilson’s repugnant behaviour which borders on thievery, or was a complete official thievery instituted by the Atta Mills’ NDC government.

Most of these Ghanaian car importers who have become victims have decided to give up hope and considered all their affected cars lost to the Atta Mills’ lame-duck government for good. No, the cars are not lost. There is still a flickering but beckoning hope if and only if, those victims concerned will muster courage, and emerge out of their frustrations and doubts to contact me. Based on the conviction that there is a solution out there to every problem, so do I have a solution to the worrisome situation they have/had or are going through. They have although been denied justice in Ghana as it is in the case of Al-Wahab, they can still be accorded justice somewhere else. It suffices to contact me on my e-mail address which will in a moment be revealed and I shall direct you on how to go about it. The advice will be given for free and I may even volunteer to make personal expenses which will hopefully not be much to adversely affect my financial standing but enough to help you out as a fellow Ghanaian desperate for justice. Only those believing genuinely not to either have stolen their said cars themselves or purchased them from a stolen source abroad should please contact me. I would not like to have any blemishes as I proceed about helping the Ghanaian victims to retrieve their cars illegally impounded by the Mills’ administration hence, my admonition that only genuine people do contact me. The service I intend to render as a concerned citizen of Ghana is for free and may even lead to myself incurring some overhead expenses neither chargeable to those of you as victims with tears running down your cheeks nor any other person known or unknown. This is why I want only those with covering genuine documents proving their source of purchase or dealership abroad, and subsequent shipment of car(s) to contact me.

I shall be happy to see Al-Wahab take the initiative to contact me. His case is very interesting to be taken on by me. If President Atta Mills has any means to read this article, he had better sit up and do, and be prepared for how murkier things will turn out to be for his administration on this very particular issue once I get involved. His credibility as a squeaky clean and peace loving father of the nation will be dented and the cost to the reputation of his “slow but sure” NDC government will be disastrously irreparable. This attitude as allowed to be perpetrated by Carl Wilson and the Most Dishonourable Deputy Chief of Staff, Alex Segbefia, with impunity is in effect a commission of heinous crime requiring condemnation and punishment. The action I will take will slur the good name of the minority parties in Parliament for failing to table a motion in Parliament condemning and stopping that nonsense as was and is still being spearheaded by the sitting government. I will officially petition you on behalf of the disenchanted victims to see how you will react.

All those who have been assigned cars from those confiscated by Carl Wilson when he was being utterly whimsical with regard to his work should please return them to the Castle or to whomever and wherever they got them from. Whether they were purchased on auction or given out for free, they should be returned for I am going to seriously take the burden upon myself to exhaust all available opportunities to ensure the genuine victims get their cars back. For how long should I sit in the comfort of my room while my compatriots are being abused and robbed of their fundamental human rights to own property and have fair recourse to the courts for justice? I can only exercise my duty of service to the afflicted persons when they do contact me as suggested. In the absence of the victims in question contacting me for having dubiously been deprived of their hard earned cars, I cannot in the void of any proof be of great help to them or fight the injustice associated with the ongoing seizure of cars by the President Evans Atta Mills’ NDC government. The ball is now rolling in the court of the victims. It is your choice to avail yourself of this golden opportunity handed to you on a silver platter.

Let me take this opportunity to reveal a once an ongoing secret crime that was carried out by the custom officers at the harbours in Ghana. This was divulged to me by one of their own or to be more precise, a guy who worked at both Tema and Takoradi harbours many years back as an accountant who also became conversant with their nefarious activities. Could the same situation not apply today? He said, the custom officers always overvalued importers’ goods especially, vehicles. If this was not so, why is it that at times the same goods for the same importer can be valued at different rates by different custom officers? Some may decide to be a bit genuine while others may want to go the extreme to exact much profit for their personal use or gain. Anyway to get back to my story, when the goods have been overvalued and the intended duty or duties paid as charged and made known to the importer, the custom officer(s) in charge then do as following. They fill in a special form designed for an importer to reclaim the refund of any excess payment on their imported goods. Are these forms known to many an importer? I am persuaded no. When such a form is filled in, the impersonating importer who is himself/herself actually the cheating custom officer, opens up a new bank accounts in the name of the genuine importer. The refund money as due the importer is paid into the newly opened account. The custom officer then goes to withdraw the money without the least knowledge of the actual importer that a part of his/her paid duty fee has been refunded to him/her. In Ghana everything is possible and some Ghanaians can do whatever they deem as possibly best to cheat their fellows or the government. I will have a solution to stop this problem if they should still be ongoing despite the current identity cards required to open up Bank accounts in the nation. In those days, I sure hope the bankers were in the know of such crimes and they were actually condoning and conniving with those custom officers of dubious characters.

Please do contact me on email account . I am however travelling outside the UK today, Thursday the 1st of April 2010 at 19: 00 hours and may very likely not pop into any internet cafe to check my emails for the next fortnight. I may also not be able to phone up those who may contact me as I would otherwise do if I was in London in order not to incur huge telephone bill. The phone bills from the country I am proceeding to on holiday are quite astronomical. To overcome this impediment likely to forestall my endeavour to be at the service of people as discussed above, although temporarily, please do write and copy in one Kofi Boakye on He is aware of the plans I have decided to implement to bring back smiles to the faces of those currently weeping or brooding over their ill fate brought about by Carl Wilson, Alex Segbefia, and the Atta Mills’ NDC government which is groping in political wilderness in the probable vain hope of finding its directional socio-politico-economic bearings. Kofi Boakye, alias “Achico”, has a home computer and can read and tell me about the individual requests of those victims that have contacted me. I will then advise him to respond according as I perceive expedient. I will be one thousand miles away from Kofi Boakye though in the same country. I will be having free though a prepaid telephone communication link with him hence advising as I have.

May the Almighty God Father help me to achieve success in my attempt to make those crying happy by ensuring their stolen cars are returned to them? Lest I forget, President Mills should start perceiving his advisors as malicious. They are there while all the many established ongoing atrocities and perpetration of infringements of human rights are taking place. What is their worth as political, economic and social advisors to the President then? They are actually undermining the administration of President Mills. What advice did they offer the President when Carl Wilson was abusing his offices with impunity? Or, were they also assigned free cars from those illegally confiscated by Carl Wilson? Mr. President, your enemies are within but not outside. Your enemies are not the NPP guys you are relentlessly pursuing but the NDC guys sitting right under your nose. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Rockson Adofo