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Opinions of Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Honesty is always the best policy

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In life situations, the honest people have fewer headaches unlike their dishonest counterparts. Because they are honest, they may or may not have material wealth in abundance but they normally have peace of mind more than those who dishonestly pursue acquisition of wealth. These dishonest fellows often resort to fraudulent methods and when caught out, they begin to encounter needless difficulties; having to answer numerous questions in attempts to clarify their position vis-à-vis their committed crime.

As I normally do, and simplistic as I usually aspire to have my write-ups become to the ordinary non-sophisticated reader, let me define the word HONEST. Honest means “telling the truth or able to be trusted and not likely to steal, cheat, or lie”

Why are the NDC, especially President Mahama, Asiedu Nketiah, Koku Anyidoho, Sam George and a host of others in government worried about their fate in the upcoming 2016 general elections? It is all because they have not been honest with the Ghanaian electorates and the general public. They promised Ghanaians a “Better Ghana Agenda” but they have delivered to Ghanaians far beyond belief, a “BITTER GHANA”.

From their “BITTER GHANA”, the semi well-to-do people like Kwesi Pratt, the NDC’s agent assigned to be jumping from one radio station to the other throwing dust into people’s eyes in defence of the NDC is crying of his inability to pay the exorbitant utility bills under the current NDC government. If Kwesi Pratt who earns easy money is crying, what will the ordinary poor people living in both urban areas and villages paying for the same services at the same rate but without recourse to easy money do? They will feel like being ground in “ap3t3wea”, thus, they will feel the brunt of the outrageous financial constraints intentionally brought to bear upon Ghanaians- courtesy of President John Dramani Mahama.

President Mahama and his government promised to manage the resources of Ghana for the collective interests of all but they are seen to be clearly sharing the wealth of Ghana amongst them and their few little-minded cronies turned into radio phone-in serial callers, blatant liars, opportunists, and pure pen-wielding robbers, to throw dust into the eyes of innocent Ghanaians.

Being awash in dishonesty, they keep perspiring even when the weather is too cold for a normal human being to be rather shivering from head to toe. Instead of reversing gear, they have rather put the gear to the fifth position; thereby increasing the insults they continually heap on their political opponents perceived to be taking over power from them come election 2016.

The NDC have resorted to siding with the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Charlotte Osei, in all her schemes designed to aid NDC retain power come election 2016. The NDC have dubiously got the nation’s security personnel on their side to help them instil fear into the populace through what is clearly the practice of selective justice.

A committed offence that a member of the NDC will not even be summoned by the police for interrogation let alone, get a slap on the wrist for, a member of the NPP or the other opposition parties will be dragged to court or be thrown into the police cells for it. The BNI operatives will be jumping around like a crazy kangaroo trying to bundle that NPP faithful into their car to be taken to their offices not only for interrogation but also, to intimidate.

The NDC have become desperate. Their desperation emanates from their deep-seated dishonesty that has culminated in their presumed fear of losing election 2016. Surely, the writing is conspicuously across the sky that no matter the harshest sorts of intimidations they resort to, the NDC shall lose election 2016.

If they had been honest, not stealing the nation’s money, not lying to the people, not cheating the people to become extremely rich persons overnight, they will not be sweating profusely to be in the panicky situation in which they find themselves today.

Little did President Mahama and his bunch of NDC opportunists know that trust has to be earned but not commanded through coercion?

The same thing goes to “Asante Nana” who thinks he can do as he wants when he wants, without any court in Ghana able to do anything to him or about him or about his decisions, being the occupant of “Sikadwa Kofi” and the “Overlord” of Asanteman. Has he not probably ended up lying to judges and kneeling down before them begging them to pronounce judgments in his favour or in favour of the parties that he supports in ongoing litigations or else he will feel disgraced beyond redemption, the price to pay for being DISHONEST?

“A belief that honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned” is what I advise every Ghanaian to look deeply at and if it is true, they have to aspire to become honest people in order not to sweat profusely as it is presently the fate of President Mahama and Asante Nana.

Be honest; earn the trust of people, my message to NDC and all politicians including anyone who calls him or herself a discerning Ghanaian. You cannot be extremely dishonest and hope to earn the trust of people, taking them for fools because you think they have short memories.

Ghanaians will prove to President Mahama that they have not short memories but instead they were being lenient and accommodative of his lies and thievery but now they have had enough and it is now, the era of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Rockson Adofo

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