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Opinions of Saturday, 21 April 2012

Columnist: Asante, Okyereman

Hon. Kennedy Agyapong Went Too Far

I'm speaking as a Non Political aligned citizen of Ghana and very concerned about the the behavior of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and I urge all meaningful Ghanaians to condemn this pronouncement by the Assin Fosu North member of Parliament.

At a time when hard working and creative Ghanaians across the board are cracking their brains to come out with better things to help our nation to move forward,we should do away with negative things that will drag the young democracy of Ghana into mud.

Look at the Politicians, they are determined to destroy all the good things we have achieved as a nation, it is very sad and pathetic.

The politicians are determined to deceive our nation and are using greed, arrogance and ignorance to achieve their selfish agenda.

All Ghanaians should sit up and put political affiliation on the side and seek Ghana first before any political party.

That means, you should not allow anybody to insight you to do something stupid against your motherland.

We cannot AFFORD to destroy Ghana, that is why as an Akan , I am very embarrassed and dis-associate myself from any kind of barbaric thinking that will send our nation back to the unthinkable ages.

This is not the time for all respected Ghanaians to sit quietly and watch us to be divide tribalism.

I am urging all respectable citizens of Ghana to condemn this statement by the member of Parliament and begin the healing process now.

There is an old adage which says that, brighten the corner you are and we should not allowed politics to divide us, since the lovely Ghanaians and Ghana were there before polities.

I, respectfully calling on the Asantehene - Otumfuo Osei Tutu II to come out with a statement to condemn this behavior by the Hon Kennedy Agyapong and to dis-associate Asanteman from it.

Odomankoma Kyerema is calling the nation to stand together..