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General News of Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Source: Dr. I.T. Yusif

Hon. Harona Esseku wishes all Ghanaians happy 61st anniversary

The spokesperson to the former National Chairman of the NPP, Dr. I.T Yusif says, the former party Chairman, Hon. Harona Esseku wishes all Ghanaians, especially the President, Nana Addo, The vice president, Bawumiah, all Ex Presidents, all current and past first and second ladies, Chairman of council of state, Chairman of national council elders of the NPP,C.K Tedam, former national chairman of the party, Mpiani, ministers of states, national executive council of the NPP, ag. National Chairman Blay, speaker of parliament, and the general public a happy Independence day.

He says, Ghana has come a long way and it must be celebrated especially in the Nana Addo _Bawumiah Government. He said, every Government have challenges it has to face and the manner in which a sitting President addresses issues is a main factor that determines, whether the nation will move forward or not and the way the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo solved the brouhaha surrounding the Free S.H.S, the Initiation of the one district one factory, reduction in inflation, and among others, is a clear indication that, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. He says, Ghanaians should have hope in the Nana Addo led administration.

Though the Free SHS was seen by many parochially minded politicians as impossible, Nana Addo was able to address the issue and made it a reality. However, I cannot talk without raising concerns about armed robbery which has reached a crescendo and therefore a priority.

Looking at the current surge in crime which is so alarming, we ought to proffer an emergency solution to ameliorate the canker and I was happy the president , Nana Addo made a premature return to Ghana though it was not time for him to come back during his trips, He was quick to return to address the security concerns of the Ghanaian people when he traveled to USA and Germany and this is a symbol of a man who has his people at heart.

This is the man who cannot sleep when Ghanaians are awake, this is the man who sees the pain of every Ghanaian as his, This is the man whose promises are sacred and he is a man of his words. Again, the call for IGP's resignation or firing does not make sense. If your brand new T- shirt is dirty, you don't throw it away, you rather wash it with soap/powder soap, you don't dump it. David Asante Appeatu is well aced policeman whose records pierces the skies, l was not surprised the President appointed him as IGP in the first place.

The major Shake up in the rank and files of police is a clear indication that The Government is taking a pragmatic steps to curbing the canker and soon, such issues will be unheard of just like how free SHS became a reality when no body believed it, issues of armed robbery will be a thing of the past, Insha Allah.

I am therefore calling on the IGP to shame his distractors by tightening his belt to bring the situation to a halt. Those advocating for the president to Sack IGP Should therefore desist from such attitude because it does not make sense unless perhaps, they have a hidden agenda to ruin the security services of current Government.

He used the opportunity to thank the Nana addo Bawumia Government for working with the core Values of the NPP party which is aimed at fighting Corruption in Ghana by appointing the indispensable Martin Amidu as special prosecutor. To appoint your main opponent as a supervisor of corruption in your Government is unheard of even in Europe and is an achievement that is unparalleled in the African political history.

Other world leaders especially in Africa Should emulate this to bring Trust, probity and accountability to the taxpayer's money. I think, the President must expand Nsawam prisons to accommodate more political armed robbers and their accomplices who have caused havoc to our great nation. I urge Martin Amidu to use his office without fear or favour to severely punish any persons found guilty of crime, irrespective of political colour to bring sanity into our body politics in Ghana.

The spokesperson, I.T Yusif also added that, The reduction in utility bills is a clear indication that, President Nana Addo is a political Messiah who will lead Ghanaians to the promised Land. God bless the President!! , God bless NPP!!! and God bless Ghana!!!


Harona Esseku was a minister of state during the 2nd republic in the history of Ghana and among the top 5 most experience politicians in Ghana .He is a member of the Founding Fathers of NPP, a member of the national council elders of the party, a former National Chairman of the NPP(Ex-Prez. Kuffour's regime) and among the personal advisers to the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo