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Opinions of Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Columnist: Adams, Mohammed

Hon. Dr Oteng Adjei Deserves Better From Bosomtwe

The least the people of the Bosomtwe constituency can do to honour the selfless service of Honourable Dr Oteng Adjei, Minister of Energy, is for them to vote him into parliament. For a man who has devoted his whole life to the development of his constituency and constituents at a time many a man would have used their resources in building mansions for themselves, Dr Oteng Adjei deserves better from the people he chose to serve. The best the people can do in order to reciprocate his good works, is by voting him into parliament in the 2012 elections.

When Dr Oteng Adjei became the director of electricity during the reign of former President Jerry John Rawlings, he ensured that no community out of the sixty-five communities was left out in the constituency without electricity. Perhaps Bosomtwe District today is one of the well connected to electricity in the Ashanti Region, thanks to Dr Oteng Adjei.

With the coming back of the NDC government under the leadership of Professor Atta Mills, Dr Oteng Adjei was appointed minister of Energy. This I must say was not surprising to many considering his vast knowledge in energy matters. He was one of the best during the vetting of the president’s nominees by Parliament Appointment Committee. Many would attest to this fact. His performance as a minister has been spectacular.

Dr Oteng Adjei, having been made minister of energy continued his good works in his constituency. He rapidly responded to the calls by some communities for extension of electricity under the rural electrification project in the constituency. Some of these communities include, Adagya, Aputuogya, Esreso, Abijan Nkwanta, Kuntenase, Aprabo etc. Jachie and Pramso towns have also been given a face-lift with the provision of street lights, thanks to the Hon. Dr Oteng Adjei.

He has also come out with some social interventions by helping the youth in the area to learn some trade. He has personally provided some youth with sewing machines to enable them undergo training in tailoring.

In education, he has installed a separate transformer for Jachie Pramso Senior High School to stop the frequent power outages. He also provided the school with street lights which have given the school a new face at night. He continues to fight for the school wherever possible. He is also reported to have facilitated the building and the provision of electricity for the new block for the Pramso Midwifery Training School. Not only these, he is also personally taking care of some students in the constituency.

According to the Hon. DCE of Bosomtwe, Mr. Nti Berko, the tarring of the Nyameani – Beposo Road project was initiated by Hon. Dr Oteng Adjei. He said the road which had been in a very bad state almost prevented the free movement of the people of the area.

It is in the light of these that I think that the people of the Bosomtwe Constituency need to look beyond the NPP and NDC rivalry and choose a man who would have the development of the constituents at heart. This man is Hon. Dr Oteng Adjei whose track record is for the development of his people.

By Mohammed Adams

Jachie, Ashanti.