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Opinions of Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Columnist: Sakzeesi, Camillus Maalneriba-Tia

Homosexuality In Ghana – An Under-Estimation Of A Myth Or Reality?

“We’re in a state of crises where our nation is literally ripping apart at the seams right now, and lawlessness is occurring from one nation to the other. And we’re seeing the fulfilment of the book of Judges here in our own time, where every man [is] doing that [which] is right in his own eyes – in order words – anarchy”.

Could the above quote be absurd per its relationship with the title of this piece? Well, it could be an intellectual exercise for academics – but lam not doing an academic analysis here, because I’m not a member of academia.

Michele Bachmann, the source of the quote on his “Prophetic Views Behind The News”, is at the throats of rights activists not because he is an abuser of peoples’ rights, but because he is against ‘RIGHTS MADNESS’.

In our today’s world of the 21st century, strange things happen to the chagrin of the majority in society, against the pleasure of a few who should have been underground enjoying the ‘filth’ that goes with such engagements. In our negative craving for some rights to be accorded societal miscreants who sometimes kill – we advocate for the fellow who has been killing his fellow human beings, not to be sentenced to the same killing he practices.

In some cases, the call for the “DEATH PENALTY” to be scrapped in many countries makes sense in certain situations where a particular crime development is so complex to the extent that if care is not taken, innocent people could have their lives terminated.

In such considerations the rights activists call may have some legitimacies. But how do the same rights activists consider an armed robber, who pre-meditates, plan, designs and executes acts of robbery where he succeeds in eliminating his victim(s) and is caught alive? That such a fellow should not be condemned to death by firing squad or hanging?

Of late, Ghana has found herself in a controversial conflict of yet another rights demand - GAY RIGHTS. The pro-gay rights activists, most of whom are not gay themselves, have advocated the right of an individual to choose his/her sexual orientation.

When CHOICE comes in – that is where the controversy sets in. For many activists see homosexuals as a genetic development and for that matter individuals with these negative sexual lives must be sympathized with instead of condemnation. But natural sexual relations have no choices. It is between man and woman and nothing else, period.

The genetic consideration is perhaps a conscious conspiracy to JUSTIFY this act of sexual abnormality. But there is a caveat to this outlook by Dean Hamer’s, “The Power of Genes” in December 1998 (

In his reaction to the genetic ‘excusenists’ he said, “Perhaps one of the biggest concerns for persons on the street is whether we are stuck with our genetic inheritance, or whether we can overcome our genes. Absolutely, one of the biggest myths is that [because] something is genetic, is therefore fixed. This simply isn’t true. It’s what we do with our genes that matters. Someone who relishes novel experiences might use this trait for good or bad – to become a great explorer or a violent criminal.

All, these genes do, is to give us a disposition [in] one way or another. Whether we act on that – or don’t – is very much a matter of “FREE WILL” (my emphasis).

In Dean Hamer’s words, therefore, these abnormal engagements by lesbians and gays do not have much ado with one’s genetic orientation, but one’s “free will” which is equal to choice. Choice, too, has no relationship to PRESSURE in this context.

If Hamer’s considered opinion is to be taken serious, then the question that arises is whether homosexuals need non-‘practioners’ sympathies. Before the open emergence of these elements within our societies, especially Ghana, they may have constituted a minority few.

However, current open advocates in favour of these people have made our country, very unpleasant for the majority of moralists. These moralists come from native religious, Islamic and Christian groupings. They have asked government to come out with a stated policy on homosexuality. That is where unfortunately political slandering is coming in – making it a ‘SEXO – POLITICAL’ affair. I will be revisiting this political segment.

A “Daily Graphic” publication a few weeks ago indicated that the homosexual community in the Western Region alone is estimated to be over 8,000.

It has had so many reactions to it. Some have condemned the publication as a figment because it was attributed to some alleged NGO’s research findings, which have not been identified.

The controversial publication not withstanding, I think there is some level of credibility in the publication. The motive of the paper, however, is not what this exercise seeks to rationalise, since I have no knowledge of it.

A MYTH /REALITY “This is an earthquake issue. This will change our state forever. Because the consequence, if gay marriage goes through, is that K-12 little children will be forced to learn that homosexuality is normal, natural and perhaps they should try it”, Senator Michele Bachmann (Views Behind the News).

Ghana has not experienced any recoded gay marriage yet but we cannot vouch for this position not being underground. Much of the concern for gay practices is concentrated at adult level. Unfortunately, the situation has very much developed and gone down to our TEENAGE children.

The fear of Michele Bachmann, is therefore already with us in Ghana, and I am afraid but to state that the situation is alarming. Being a resident of Tema, I used to say our Ghanaian children are taking their studies serious, because I always see them crammed in internet cafes. A closer observation at what these children do in these cafes has made me feel very uncomfortable anytime I am in them to study.

In fact, it is the observation of these children and the apprehension that came with it that forced me to type in this question, “Is Homosexuality Genetic or Is It A Choice?” The question brought out so many explanations from the net.

But the findings have made me to draw this conclusion, that if care is not taken, Ghana could become a homosexual hub in the next ten to fifteen years. The fact is that, as low as 10 – 15 years old children have access to gay pornographic sites in our internet cafes. And what pops out from these sites are so morally horrifying as well as nauseating.

These children, whose engagement could be considered paedophilic acts, have boy or man friends(LOVERS) who they kiss behind the screens with amorous statements such as “I LOVE YOU – KISS”. These kisses then graduate to monitory demands to their clients at the other ends of the conversation.

Sometimes, as late as 1.00am, a particular cafe in Tema, still operates and one can see children at tender ages still stack to their sits and doing their own ‘things’ at such cafes.

Our children, who have developed ‘wild’ appetite for money at their teens, will also graduate from paedophilic adventurism, to fully fledged and matured gays and there will no turning back – they will be ‘moving forward’ – GAISM.

Readers must see this, especially parents, that I am doing this at the pinnacle of my emotional limits, and that I wish you take up this fight of preventing your children /wards from visiting internet cafes. For they are not going there to learn but to grow their morals ahead of normal maturity and to corrupt same.

The wickedness of the gay is much told by Sam Austin, a gay himself, that, “Homosexuality is god’s way of ensuring that the truly gifted aren’t burdened with children”. This is how stupid and non-human they can be. The fact is, they don’t go digging holes in the ground to satisfy their sexual egos, they do it with other men, who, like Austin, have been given birth to by normal men and women who engage in sexual sanity to procreate. If this were non-existent, they would not have been there, let alone to have a right to their so-called sexual orientation.


The question of CHOICE as against genetical justification has already been discussed in the fore-section of this article. Ironically, same sex ‘couples’ have the desire always to imagine one being a woman and the other a man. If one must engage one’s mind’s-eye to see the other same sex partner as the opposite sex, what genetical complexity is there in this?

Anti-lesbian activist, Rita Mac Brown asked, “... What’s the point of being a lesbian if a woman is going to look and act like an imitation (of a) man...”

But in all this, politics and legal understanding also sparks another weird controversy. Political partisanship has again popped its ugly face. Ghanaians today have no independent and objective mindsets of their own. It is a very dangerous development, especially when I am concerned about the future sexual orientation of our youth.

Funny enough, it is not the politicians who are politicising this growing pandemic, but religious bodies. It is very surprising that some clergy men have even gone to the extremes by threatening political parties and especially the current party in government that should nothing be done about the threat, they will preach to their congregations to vote against it.

This is where political constraints come in. And one may have to ask why the politicisation of this issue? For, there has not been any political party that has openly come to condone acts of homosexuality.

That is not to say we do not have elements of the sort in political parties who are homosexuals. But should we fathom individual engagements in acts of the sort who are not known to the parties in any way – to vilify such parties?

What we ought to objectively understand is that sexual inter-actions are not done in the open. That is why, in spite of the fact that you may see a normal couple living together, can only guess that they engage themselves in sexual acts. Your guess could be right, because sex is part of a marriage agreement.

But how can one say it for a fact, that indeed they engage in love-making? How can one prove ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ they inter-lock themselves? The question, ‘where’ can be said to be in their matrimonial home. However, ‘when’ and ‘how’ can never be answered.

In the homosexual world, sexual labour is not done in the open, just as normal couples would not. The question then is, how is a government expected to come out with a policy on HOMOSEXUALITY? Is it that government must unnecessarily send the police to go chasing alleged homosexuals when they can in no way be caught in the act.

However, what government can do now is that, at no point in time should we allow homosexual marriages to take root in Ghana. Media reports have it that gay marriages have already taken place in this country.

These media reportage must elicit the attention of our security agencies to undertake follow-up investigations into the allegations. If they are lucky to have pictorial and other material of evidential importance, then they can go ahead and prosecute such social misfits. This is possible because our statute books, I understand abhors it.

The political constraint must be tied to the legal aspect of this controversy. Legal brains have always insisted that it would be a difficult task to prove cases of homosexual entanglements, since they are not committed in the open.

It is like a man suspecting his wife of adulterous lifestyle, and without getting her in the act, requests for divorce. One’s suspicion could be right – but it must go with evidence.

Some lawyers who have taken this stance have been accused of either being homosexuals themselves, or are being paid to stand on this logical pedestal. These lawyers’ position is however, opposed to those who are advocating for homosexual rights.

HOMOSEXUALITY must never be accorded any rights in this country, whatever the excuses may be given to JUSTIFY the demand. It is naturally outlawed, Biblically cursed and Quoranically punishable by ‘stoning to death’. Under no circumstances, therefore, should we allow this social ill, be given any legislative backing.

SOLUTION As stated earlier, my fear of the growth of homosexual activities in Ghana is the growing up children who are gravely in it. And as said, what they are doing is better known as PAEDOPHILE practice, and not homosexuality.

So what must engage our attention is how do we stop our children from getting into gay pornographic sites in the internet cafes? I am concentrating at this stage, on gays and not lesbianism, because throughout the over one year observation in Tema, I did not see girls or women accessing lesbian sites.

What is happening in Tema, I can be sure – is happening elsewhere where the internet is accessible. If this is the case, then I am confidently stating that Ghana is becoming a HATCHERY for gays. And something needs to be done about it – and it is NOW or NEVER.

For this fear, I wish to advocate that: 1. There ought to be a legislative instrument that bans internet cafes to make sure that all pornographic sites are blocked-out from their systems. 2. That cafe owners must ensure that they monitor teenagers who patronise their facilities to make sure that they don’t go to sites that could promote and trigger their sexual orientation. They should also regulate time for teenagers’ visits. 3. Parents must make sure they monitor their children/wards by knowing where they go and what they do. They are also encouraged to normally visit internet cafes near their vicinities to observe what children are doing in there and 4. Plain cloths security personnel should from time to time be visiting internet cafes in their catchment areas at odd hours to make sure children are not there at such times. Cafe owners should be arrested, if children are in their facilities at such odd hours.

CONCLUSION “Children also have artistic ability, and there is wisdom in there [their] having it! The more helpless they are, the more instructive are the examples they furnish us; and they must be preserved free of corruption from an early age”.

Yes! My concern is on children. And what we, adults of Ghana have done, and are still doing to our children is what bothers me. At their early ages, we have allowed them, in the name of freedom to visit cafes on their own, only to be infested with these filthy Western Cultures.

As we discuss homosexuality, no body is taking a gaze at the voluntary engagement in paedophilia which is entrenched in Ghana. I very much believe that the population of gays in the country is nowhere near children in the latter choice. They will soon grow into adulthood and automatically become homosexuals. And the blame must be that we adults have helped in corrupting them.

Paedophilia and Homosexuality have progressed from MYTHS to REALITIES. We, therefore, have to fight them head-on as a nation or we sink in our partisan political biases. Political parties did not create lesbianism, gaism and paedophilism. They created themselves against our collective liking.

They must be fought with the ‘bazooka’, that are at our disposal as one people. We must do this – or perish in shame. I HOPE MY CRY WOULD BE HEARD.

Camillus Maalneriba-Tia Sakzeesi E-mail: Tel: 0266223333 /0249488120