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Opinions of Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Columnist: Akyeampong, Prince

Homosexuality: A Freedom Too Far!

Recently, I happened to to witness an extremely disgusting scene in a hotel parking lot; a scene so disgusting that my stomach literally turned and I barely managed to avoid vomiting. Parked right next to my car were two gentlemen, a white and an African- American engaged in what can best be described as a "French kiss." Now folks, believe me, this was not a pleasing sight, and I'm still trying to forget about that nasty scene.

Folks, homosexuality can be likened to a deadly disease which if not properly diagnosed and treated, could result in unpleasant and disastrous consequences. Lifestyles vary from country to country. In America, this ungodly practice is accommodated and condoned in the name of freedom and "human rights." In addition, it's no secret that politicians in America cunningly manipulate issues like homosexuality to their advantage. In Ghana, however, our lifestyle cannot co-exist with homosexuality. There is no where in our history where our ancestors have been known to countenance such a practice. If anything, such an abominable practice would fall within the category of taboos.

There is always that school of thought who contend that outlawing the act in Ghana would amount to a human rights contravention. So be it! We cannot allow these individuals who hide under the cloak of human rights to impose a strange and ungodly lifestyle on us; a lifestyle that is apt to distort and attempt to redefine who we are and what we stand for as Ghanaians. Let's not be fooled by the expression that - "only the best comes from the west." To those who are of the view that homosexuals in Ghana can do us no harm, and that it's better to leave them alone to "do their own thing" in their bedrooms; I say, you are completely mistaken. Like I mentioned earlier, the agenda of these sexual deviants, is to not only to practice it, but actually promote it. Now folks, we wouldn't want to see men holding hands in downtown Accra and kissing, would we?

From the religious perspective, let us refer to Genesis chapter six, verse 19, which has to do with part of God's instructions to Noah regarding his ark. It goes - "And of every living thing, of all flesh, you shall bring two of every kind into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female." Judging from this and several other instances in the Bible, is homosexuality not a satanic act of defiance of the word of God? You be the judge, folks.

We cannot allow the youth in Ghana to fall prey to this sexual and social menace. I would like to urge the Ghana government, pastors, chiefs, educationists and local community leaders to make a concerted effort to halt this abominable practice that is threatening to seep through the "pores" of mother Ghana. It's time for Parliament to enact a law banning homosexuality in Ghana. God bless mother Ghana!

Prince Akyeampong, Washington D.C.