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Opinions of Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Columnist: Khair & Kamil

Why Zango FM should be Embraced and Supported

I would like to call on my brothers and sisters in Islam to join me in expressing sincere thanks to Allah (SWT), I also ask Allah (SWT) to send peace and blessings to the best of all creatures Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). First and foremost to those of us who are yet to be informed about this radio station called Zango FM and its mission and objectives. Zango FM is a radio station created in the summer of 2011 in the United States of America with the sole aim and objective of raising religious, moral, social, and political awareness within the Zango communities around the world. The Zango community as a whole unfortunately has been tainted with negativity in the Ghanaian society and perceived to be up to no moral good whatsoever. It is high time the negative misconceptions of the Zango communities be addressed head-on so this dynamic community called Zango can regain its rightful position within the Ghanaian societies. As a means to this end, some pragmatic, selfless, and visionary individuals have taken it upon themselves to advocate for good moral conduct as it were, by the Zango people and a facelift for the community. Hence the creation of Zango FM was necessitated. This endeavor wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of these members of the community whose vision and foresight are undoubtedly very commendable in all aspects and sense of the word. Our profound appreciations therefore go to the technicians of Zango FM, Mr. Mohammed Mustapha Baakoe of Minnesota USA, and his brother Abdul-Rashid of Montreal Canada, the Zango FM hosts, Muftahu Maazu of New York USA, Mohammed Mukafa Ali of New Jersey USA, Mohammed Awal of Canada, Fauzan Shamsudeen of the United Kingdom, our patron sheikhs Dr. Abubakar Adam, and Sheikh Anas Abubakar Umar Kariki, volunteers, and off course our listeners. They are contributing their quota to see to it that this noteworthy radio station succeeds. We as Zango communities in the Diaspora and of the world owe it to ourselves to rally behind these selfless people to support this noble cause, Zango FM. The time to act is NOW! Zango simply means settlement of Muslim peoples of Africa descent regardless of tribes and ethnicities, who are staying together for the common betterment of each other and to advance the interest of one another. Zango FM is providing its audience with continuous religious education, and encouraging unity for a common good by promoting unity in diversity. I believe we as Zango people must strive to see the success of this remarkable and awe-inspiring radio station that is uniting all Ghanaian Zango people around the globe.
Source of continuous religious education
This radio station all in all epitomizes the height of Daawa, that is the teaching and calling to the Deen of Islam, in a way that is undoubtedly very unprecedented in modern history. Zango FM is capitalizing on the technological dispensation of present-day, to advance the dissemination of spiritual, moral, and socio-economic teaching in a manner worthy of commendations without apology. Listening to Daawa or religious preaching, used to be localized or limited to specialize occasions such as in the Holy month of Ramadan, funeral ceremony, or at best in the Mosque during the sermons of Friday prayers to those who make it a point to attend. AlhamduliLLah this status-quo has been changed or is on a shift to rectification Bi Iznin Lah. One gets to listen to Daawa in the comfort of his/her room or at work during breaks or off-hours. Peoples with smarts phones can download TuneIn apps on their phones to listen in if the call-in are not very economical for them. Skype users can also request to be added so they can listen in too. This is really commendable. Through the efforts and dedications of our Ulamas (Islamic Scholars), we have perfected the essential knowledge of our daily compulsory prayers, our knowledge of alms giving (Zakat), knowledge of our fasting in the Holy month of Ramadan, and the importance of visiting Holy land (Hajj) for among us whom Allah (SWT) has blessed financially. This is not to say that we don’t know or we have not heard these words of God before, but for the simple fact that we get constant reminders is surely keeping us on our toes to say the least.
It is very inspiring and breath-taking to hear people from different educational, financial, and social backgrounds phoning in or sending messages through the online services, giving testimonial statements of how they have corrected or perfected something in their religious obligations they have been practicing for years in errors without knowing. Through the teachings on this radio we are gaining the necessary knowledge of our Deen. JazaakaLLahu Khair Zango FM! Most of us have been practicing our Deen blindly, but all hopes are not lost for our elders say to be cautious of your ignorance and to seek remedy of that ignorance is a great step to knowledge. Verily seeking that knowledge has never been easier and closer than it is now. Once a sister made a comment on the radio that was very touching, she said “I did not know I don’t know how to perform wudu (ablution) until I heard a Mallam teaching it on this radio” and she said she has been doing this for many years. Another brother called in and said “I did not know the money I had saved for my children has Zakat rights on it up until I asked a Mallam on this radio station”. Seeking knowledge of the Deen is no longer a far cry; it is within our reach even in the comfort of our homes thanks to this radio station. We as Muslims know or at least are aware of the essence of our existence or creation, that is to worship Allah (SWT), and I know you all will agree with me beyond all reasonable doubts this is hard if not impossible without knowledge. Brothers and sisters let us wake up and see to it that this source of divine knowledge is entrenched not for us alone but for posterity. Indeed the day of reckoning awaits us. We are in transition in this world. There is a place we are all heading and the knowledge of that place is surely worth seeking. Remember, no matter how long the stream wanders it must end somewhere.

Symbol of Unity and a Mark of Progress
This radio station undoubtedly has a scope that incorporates the belief that a healthy society also plays an important role in the spirituality of a person. Zango FM is tackling this issue of a healthy society aggressively through their social programs enacted to address some anti-social vices that are dragging the name of the community into disrepute. A great man once said “Education without character is a big blunder of the world”. This was true then and it is still true today. Therefore good moral behavior should complement or better still go side by side with education so as to have a better society. Recognizing the existence of anti-social vices and coming together and raising awareness not only forge unity but also symbolize a mark of progress in any society. It fills my heart with joy when I listen to people phoning in from different parts of the globe expressing their opinion on how best we can eliminate an identified problem within our community and how to secure a better world for ourselves and for posterity. As the popular adage goes, a problem identified is a problem half solved. What a great achievement and a blessing to have a unifying medium and a converging channel of a global capacity to voice our predicaments and seek opinions and suggestions from Zango people from all walks of life, and to crown it all with scholars’ message on what the scripture says about these problems and the consequences of our inactions. Political news of our country, Ghana, has also earned a place on the schedule of programs every Wednesday nights with our political analyst in the capacity of people like Abdul-Ganiyu of USA, Mr. Shanunu of USA, Mr. Ibrahim of USA, Mohammed Awal of Canada, and Fauzan of UK to mention a few. This discussion creates political awareness for the community so as to stay abreast with what the political arena is offering the Zango community at large. This radio station shares in the belief that all work and no play make Zango FM a dull place. The organizers have also crafted a greeting and entertainment session every Friday nights to allow listeners from around the world request songs for loved ones after their message of greetings and regards. This will definitely go a long way to solidify the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood within our community without a doubt.
To wrap it up Brothers and sisters in Islam, Zango FM needs your support. I know it is not easy but as Albert Einstein says “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. The little we sacrifice today amid the difficulties will provide great opportunities for the future generations and we would be glad we took that bold step. This is certainly a Sadakatul Jaaria we would leave behind after our death. Any person who acquires religious knowledge, worships, obeys Allah (SWT), and attains good moral conduct in society as a result of this FM station, surely the creator will rewards him or her. I would end with a note of acknowledgement once again to the technicians and their good work, Mr. Muhammad Mustapha Baakoe, Mr. Abdul Rashid, the Hosts Mr. Muftahu Maazu and Muhammad Mukafa Ali. Finally to our patron Sheikhs, Doctur Abubakar Adam formerly of Dagomba-Line Kumasi Ghana who currently resides in the Bronx New York, USA, and Sheihk Anas Abubakar Umar Kariki the grandson of Sheihk Umar Kariki of blessed memory, who also resides in the Bronx New York, USA. Just to mention a few of these noble men. May Allah continue to bless these wonderful men for their devotion. Long live Zango FM, Long live Zango community of Ghana, and long live our mother land Ghana.
JazaakaLLahu Khair
Mohammed Kamil
Maryland USA