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Opinions of Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Columnist: Akamani, Prince

Hell will break loose before this gets adopted

*What NPP needs to learn is how to win elections not management of Restrictions.

It is absolutely wrong to restrict the number of people who run for the flagbearership of the party. In the true democracy the more the better so far as the person has what it takes to win. Who really determines who runs and who doesn't? What criteria do we use to determine the right candidates? To limit the candidates to a certain number is totally wrong. This should be the survival of the fittest not by any handpicked of a certain group of crooked people or officers..

What needs to be changed is the amount of money, gifts, lunches and meals offer to the ten constituency electoral college executives. These executives including the National Party Chairman made a bandit during the last Presidential election. There should be a law to abandon these gifts being accepted by any executives or officers. This should be an automatic dismissal if caught or reported. Good candidates get cut off due to extreme financial usage and constant bribery in Ghanaian elections.

All candidates should declare their assets. Why do they spend so much money to be President than what the job pays yearly? Ghanaians need to think. The candidate that spends more money do very little for the development of the country. First, they are paying their debts when in office; get their profit; help family members and friends before helping the nation. They actually run to be president to enrich themselves not to benefit the nation.

The general secretary of NPP should stop thinking about that colloquial idea of choosing few aspirants to run for the flagbearership. Can you imagine telling the National Democratic Party and the Good Ole Party (GOP/ Republicans) in United States of America to put a lid or cap on the number of Presidential candidates? Hell no! Hell will break loose before that can happen.

Why Ntow is not putting his energy in winning Presidential election instead of this stupid idea? Where was Ntow when NPP needed a hero during the elections? With all the epithets, allegations and insults that were going against NPP and Nana Akufo Addo? Where was he and why didn't he speak up?

We do not need more restrictions from NPP tradition. We're already in restrictions. Going back to the line is bad enough to bring more stupid ideas or restrictions. The executives should worry themselves by learning how to raise funds, disciplining the chairman, stop picking corrupted candidates for MPs and learning how to pick honest and sincere people to run for the Presidential Elections.

Anybody,everybody and any qualified candidate should be able to compete for the presidency regardless of his origin, race, religion, tribe, district and constituency. So far as the person is a Ghanaian, NPP member with qualified age and in good standing who wants to compete should be allowed to do so.

It would be like telling Obama he didn't qualify to compete for the presidency because he is Black, African father, and young to compete for U.S Presidency. Or to say, the presidential field was too congested for him to compete or to join the race.

I will suggest to Mr. Ntow and his cronies to find something better for the Party to argue about than this for nothing good restriction of candidates agenda. All qualified candidates should be able to compete for the position of the presidency and NPP flagbearership so far as they have what it takes. What Mr. Ntow needs to do right now is, to help adopt the One Member One Vote- the Ghanaians Living in Abroad (GLAs) submitted. That will be something good to talk about and to help the Party instead of talking about the unnecessary things. The twenty three hundred(2300) people picking a flag bearer for millions of people in one party is graciously wrong. And you;

Mr. John Agyekum Kuffour, please stay away from this.You have done enough division for the Party.

This is what Mr. Ntow needs to talk about.--- ONE MEMBER ONE VOTE for NPP.

Prince Akamani Japan