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Opinions of Monday, 20 June 2016

Columnist: Mahama Socrates Samuel

Incompetence: NPP’s mantra

I have in recent times suspended myself from writing political articles. But my experience as a Ghanaian has given me the interest to bother you with an article which I believe is of much concern to the ordinary Ghanaian. Howbeit, I have been quiet for some time because of certain reasons.

Probably, because of my academic work. And just a few days ago, I was tempted to write this little piece. For the past months, the word “Incompetence” has been on the lips of members of the opposition New Patriotic Party. And one wonders if they really understand the word, and whether or not it is used in the right context.

Some of our market women, traders, “trotro” drivers, artisans, and farmers are a few Ghanaians conversant with this word. Come to think of it, and how this word is being used to malign an innocent man like H.E John Mahama, you will understand it was first used by Nana Addo and his surrogates.

Somewhere last year, I released an article which I titled, “A call for hygiene in Ghana’s politics”. In this article, I urged that as Ghanaians, we ought to do our very best to create a political environment which is serene and conducive going into the 2016 polls. And that we must purge our politics.

Whatever is done today in politics, be it good or bad, becomes a precedent for generations to follow. Let’s get it clear. It is instructive to note that this article is devoid of the many achievements of H.E John Dramani Mahama. I intend not to go that direction. All I intend doing is unveiling to you the understanding of the word.

Incompetence, as defined by the Encarta Dictionary, explains the word as, “bad at doing something: lacking the skills, qualities or ability to do something. Now the question is simple. Does H.E John Dramani Mahama have the skill and ability to occupy the position he currently occupies?

The last observation I made revealed that H.E John Mahama has attained certain skills and abilities which are alien or strange to Mr. Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo. Sometimes I get amused when the NPP make allusion to the fact that H.E John Dramani Mahama is incompetent. How?

In fact, in Ghana, when one applies for a job, the organisation to which the application is made requires that there must be a working experience, which is otherwise espoused in the Curriculum Vitae of the applicant. Now, why is this done? It is done to ascertain whether or not the application has the skills, abilities, and qualities for the job.

Let us now judge H.E John Dramani Mahama in two phases. One being his educational qualification. And the other being his political experience. Any genuine politician today will testify to the fact that the president is the most successful and transitional politician in the history of this country. Take it or leave it. However, I beg to start with his educational credentials. After graduating as an excellent history student in Ghana Senior High School (GHANASCO), he was admitted into Ghana’s first and best University, LEGON, where he studies for his first degree in History. He also attained a postgraduate diploma in mass communication in 1986 in the same University.

Later, he studied at the Institute of Social Sciences, in Moscow, specialising in Social psychology, obtaining a postgraduate degree. H.E John Dramani Mahama before joining politics has worked in a number of organisations and agencies. He worked with the Japan Embassy, Plan Ghana, Plan International, Ghana Aid Commission, and a host of others.

Are these experiences not enough? Let me embarrass you with his political career and why I concluded that he is the most successful and transitional president in Ghana’s history. From being an MP for Bole-Bamboi for 12 good years, he also served as a Deputy Minister for Communications and subsequently a Substantive Minister. He also occupied positions such as Chairman of the National Communications Authority, Chairperson of the West Africa Caucus, Minority Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, etc….

He later became the Vice President and today, by God’s divine grace, he is President of Ghana. Common sense should dictate to any well-meaning Ghanaian, that this man is more than competent. Unless you have forgotten, Mr. Nana Addo, as competent as he is, filed a suit against Tsatsu Tsikata in the name of the President. Quite outrageous! That clearly defines incompetence. Aside H.E John Mahama’s educational excellence, he is also a gifted orator and a true definition of a politician. He is a transformational leader with his country at heart.

If you care to juxtapose his experiences, both educational and political to that of Mr. Nana Addo, H.E John Mahama stands tall. Mr.Nana Addo is no match for H.E John Mahama. The NPP must reorient. The NPP must take a second thought on the subject of “Incompetence” and consult their lexicons for further understanding of the word and stop misusing it on the wrong person.

The question now is, has “incompetence” been misunderstood by the NPP or it is a deliberate attempt to mud the waters?

Mahama Socrates Samuel is a columnist, Communicator and an activist of the National Democratic Congress.