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Opinions of Sunday, 2 January 2011

Columnist: Sarpong, Justice

Bumbling President Mills Should Be Impeached

Sarpong, Justice

President Mills as a Law Professor, albeit a Tax Lawyer is suppposed to be conversant in the basic constitutional law, at least pertaining to Ghana constitution but after bumbling at his swearing in ceremony, I am not surprised this President has committed many impeachable offenses that can bring his administration down. He might not have even read the constitution and with Presidential aides who are more interested in juvenile sophomoric spastic rantings against the opposition instead of researching on issues, this President seems to be operating in a vacuum.

This President gave Ghanaians a hogmanay to remove his bumbling administration from office on December 31st 2010 when Rawlings the chaffer hammered him to succumb to the celebration of the so called 31st December revolution which has been outlawed by the Supreme court of Ghana as an unlawful event. The celebration of this event was attended by NDC and government officials at the Flagstaff compound, the seat of our government with the consent of President Mills, this is an impeachable offense and Mills should be impeached and removed from office for contravening the law and failing to uphold his oath of office.

Article one of the constitution states that "Failure to obey or carry out the terms of an order or direction made or given by the Supreme Court constitutes a high crime under this Constitution and shall, in the case of the President or the Vice-President, constitute a ground for removal from office under this Constitution."

In NPP v. republic (the 31st December case), the Supreme Court held that the December 31 coup was an abomination and any commemoration or celebration of the day was unconstitutional and an assault to the Republic, therefore the celebration of this abominable occassion by Rawlings with the connivance of President Mills is a contravention of our constitution and this calls for his removal through the impeachment process which Parliament should initiate as soon as it comes back from the christmas recess.President Mills has defiled the Constitution by allowing the flagstaff house to be used to commemorate this abominable day. I am really disappointed a law Professor turned President could ever become dithyrambic about 31st December so called revolution that removed a constitutional government chosen by the Ghanaian electorate, a day that should live in infamy in the annals of our political history is being celebrated. Instead of President Mills shutting 31st December memory into the dustbin of forgetfulness, an episode that has left an indelible scar in our memories, an episode that has left a mark-an engram like an inscription in our collective memories,President Mills allowed Rawlings to chaffer him into submission when he went to the castle recently under the guise of finding a solution to the Ivorian crisis.

Rawlings is like a bad in-law who visits and ends up staying permanently. His recent intrusion into the castle has led to Mills making two bad decisions that will stunt the growth of our democracy. First, he forced Mills to disassociate Ghana from a decision adopted by the Ecowas community to use force to remove Ivorian incumbent President, Laurent Gbagbo from office after losing elections because he Rawlings hates Quattara because Quattara's friend, Burkinabe President, Campoare killed his friend , Sankara. The second decision forced on Mills throat was this decision to celebrate the outlawed 31st December armed robbery by Rawlings and his acolytes masqueraded as a revolution. The implication of this bad choice is already reaping its fruits as Quattara forces have seized five Ghanaians and branded them as Gbagbo mercenaries. Hope Gersis read about that news which will destroy his argument that, Ghana deciding not to abide by the Ecowas decision will save Ghanaians from all the factions in this conflict. Mills bucking the ECOWAS policy of using force to remove Gbagbo and adopting a unilateral decision which makes it seem like Ghana is supporting Gbagbo has angered the Quattara rebel forces who will now target Ghanaians. We could have been protected by the iron curtains of the ECOWAS decision.

President Mills, a well educated man has either intentionally decided to flaunt our constitution or unknowingly abuse the laws of the land he swore an oath to protect and defend.

The headline screamed at us on December 24th, 2010 "Mills rejected oil bribe" and as usual the NDC sycophantic proletariats who will swallow every nonsense and narcisstic propaganda stupidities from the NDC misinformation office were beside themselves with praises and were about to annoint the President Mills to the saintly status without analysing the implications the President was putting himself in. "Latest in the series of leaked cables from the whistle-blowing website, Wikileaks, is an open admission by President Mills that some oil companies had attempted to offer him a juicy package to influence him.President Mills however failed to disclose the names and identities of the supposed companies involved but only said he refused the money and was offended by their efforts" since he was committed to the rule of law and transparency."MILLS IS LYING LIKE A DRUNK SAILOR. As the chief custodian of our laws, he should report any criminal activity he witness to the law enforcement agencies in Ghana instead of giving comfort to criminals.

If this is true, then this man ought to be impeached. He is the chief administrator of our laws and if he is not reporting people to the Police who are trying to commit crimes, then he ought to be impeached and remove from office.

Mills self promotion is getting stale. He was the same person that went through security check point and allowed himself to be searched when he knew some people in his administration have been compromised by drug dealers and were using the Presidential lounge to smuggle drugs without getting them arrested.

This is the third time Ican remember that, President Mills has refuse to accept bribes. The Kwame Mpianim, "I witnessed President Mills refusing to take bribes in brown envelopes is still fresh in our memories. Why is it that, as a President with a reputation as anemic to bribe taking, people continue to tempt him with bribes or this President has a dark side about bribes and those so called bribes were refused because the givers did not chanel it through the right channels?

“Mills wants these officials to be checked in the privacy of his suite to avoid any surprises if they are caught carrying drugs,” the cables released on December 14, 2009 read. He also told the US officials that “elements of his government are already compromised and that officials at the airport tipped off drug traffickers about operations there”."

Mills self promotion is becoming apparent as the NPP-USA revealed in an article recently. The President should name names or we will be left to assume that, the so called Mills refusing to take bribes is all ado about nothing.

Justice Sarpong

Houston, Texas