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Opinions of Thursday, 10 July 2014

Columnist: Hardi, Ibrahim

Have trust in president Mahama

...,we are heading to the promise land.

Have trust in president Mahama,we are heading to the promise land. Countrymen and women, the future ahead of president Mahama is full of promise but not the sort of promise which ensures the exploitation of other men’s labour for the enrichment of a few individuals. President Mahama has a duty to her people; a duty to prevent the exploitation of man by man. He,personally do not and cannot believe that all our efforts of true meaning Ghanaians have been undertaken for the purpose of enabling a few persons to enrich themselves at the expense of the majority. For that reason, his approach to this new life is based entirely on Ghanaian conditions and circumstances, in order that our endeavors shall result in the greatest good for the greatest number of our people. He is working to develop our country to meet the needs of our people so that the ordinary man and woman may be well fed, well clothed and well housed. He is operating a planned economy for use and abundance.

Fifty seven years of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana, a message was send on the eve of that day, and its takes someone with critical thinking to get the message. It is noteworthy that, for the historic declaration of Ghana’s Independence, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was aware,its only northern president that will lead a true united Ghana to the promise land. The enemies of these country try everything in their power to make sure president Mahama did not get the chance of leading this our great country,the well meaning Ghanaians imposed their trust on him, but the saboteurs are now at work making good use of every little opportunity to make him unpopular. For it is often said,What is written is written. President Mahama chance of leading Ghana can only be compare to Barrack Huseini Obama of America. Its was a long prophesy by Marcus Garvey seeing one day black president in America,like wise Dr. Kwame Nkrumah prophesy of seeing a northerner president leading Ghana one day. People are complaining the economy is hard,to be honest with you,the economy is not hard,it's the propaganda network of the opposition party and their alleys that makes people think the Economy is hard. Honestly,even if the economy is hard,the only solution is the change of attitudes and minds.

I read publications from many websites about how my senior colleague Arthur Kennedy from the opposition npp miss miss June four uprising. June four uprising was led by galant men of these country and the ndc party founder,His excellency former president Jerry John Rawlings to cleared the way for Ghanaians by restoring the Ghanaian integrity. June four that should have serve as a reminder to the citizenry was revoke my former president kufour for their selfish gains. So what is my senior colleague Arthur taking about?. Anyway I believe there are a lot of people who share the same feeling like Arthur K,but could not voice it out. Corruption in the fourth republican constitution was legalize by former President Kufour and the late president Mills endorsed it. The enemies of this country who were direct beneficiaries of it see nothing wrong and monies that was supposed to be use for developments purposes were shared among party people and cronies who gets fooling around . The channels where those monies use to flow like tapes are now reduce under this administration,hence the perception of economic hardship. My little elementary economics tells me that,there will also be hardship in a society where buying and selling is not that going on well. As the president and his able team kept saying, the economic challenge is temporal and when they kick starts Ghanaians will really see president Mahama as the prophesied northerner by the founder of this country. The time is now, and president Mahama will show to the world that he was the one the country's founder was simple referring to fifty seven years ago.

As you know, Ghanaians are one of the wealthiest countries in Africa. For our size, our potential wealth is immense. We have a wide variety of minerals including gold, diamond, manganese and bauxite. Our undeveloped agriculture is stupendous and our soil is extremely fertile. Over twenty five million Ghanaians with these possessions have a glorious opportunity for building a first class nation comparable to the best in the world. President Mahama plan when he kick starts must be to build up industries, heavy and basic, and to diversify and mechanize our agriculture, and he and his able team, Dr. Clement Apaak and the rest must do this with the utmost speed, if we are not to be overtaken by events. The pace at which the world travels today is so fast that no loafer nations can survive the rate of change. That is why our nation must throw in everything into this economic and social revolution and make sure that Ghana comes out a winner. President Mahama must fight; relentlessly to uproot backward conceptions and negative phenomena in order to eliminate waste, extravagance, bureaucracy, laziness and similar manifestations harmful to our community.

I wish to state clearly that I do not by any means underestimate the gravity of the responsibility laid on president Mahama as the first Northern President of the 4th Republic. I am confident, however, that Ghanaians will all co-operate with him in the discharge of that responsibility to build a prosperous nation for our people. I wish every Ghanaian, great happiness and attitude change towards the many years that lie ahead and trust that together we shall go forward to our destiny and build a majestic monument to the name of the Republic of Ghana by the measure of the success we achieve.

Long live Ghana

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