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Opinions of Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Columnist: Ohene-Agyekum, Eric

Preview of nations address by President Mahama

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The president of the Republic is expected to address the nation next week Tuesday.
I want to do my own preview of what is expected of him, as we know him do in his talkative presidency witnessed the last 18 months of his free fall talking government.
I don’t think this president will have any forward looking address next week, but will still engaged us in these areas Economy,Security,Education and Health
I know the biggest nightmare of this inept Mahama talkmatrick government is the unprecedented “manna” like fall of the Ghanaian cedi. I know he will try to use his pampered title of been a Communication guru to hoodwink Ghanaians of his government ability to arrest the situation.
A first year SHS student knows that, when you unnecessarily dish out hard cash to undeserving cronies in the name of judgment debts, GYEEDA, Suba etc, obviously the cedi will suffer.
The interventions of the government through BoG are result less, myopic and draconian that will bear no fruit to this bizarre economic situation we find ourselves under NDC. Indeed this is not as result of any global economic down turn as some spin doctors of the government wants us to believe. If that is so, why didn’t we see this drastic fall of our currency in 2007, when almost all economic giants went down with an up surging crude price? The free fall of the cedi is nothing but the recklessness of Mahama 4-months continuation of Prof Mills’s government, the abuse of office through naked dissipation of the tax payers’ money in 2012 elections. In fact, the president will try to instill some confidence in our development partners,donors,investors,but that will not yield us any good results because they know all the measures of the government is inconsequential to the issue at hand.
Again, he will try to allay the fears of our people on number of some wicked demolition exercises going on and his commitment to look into it. On this regard too, all he will say, will be mere rhetoric as he seem not to know what is actually happening as far as the nations state of security is concern. Only days back his national security coordinator exposed the president, by his comment that he doesn’t need any permit to perform his duties. But we know the president is Commander in Chief of the Arm Forces. This definitely show how ineffective of the president on the happening in the country.
As for education, the president will have nothing to say, because the promised in his “edey be k3k3” manifesto to build 50 new SHS across the country each year has proved to be another NDC many unfulfilled promises since the days of Rawlings. As for the quality education they promised the least said about it the better
On the matter of health, the president and his government has failed gargantuanly on all levels from NHIS, CHIPS compound constructions, to beaten up of Doctors and Nurses at KATH. Healthcare is increasingly becoming preserve of affluence and “cash & carry” is gradually showing its ugly face.
The president will intelligently dodge issues of corruption, judiciary, incoherence policies that has no bearing on national development, unemployment, rubbery, energy, water, agriculture and other very sensitive matters that affect the ordinary Ghanaian.
I will be extremely shock and surprise if, the president will have anything positive or convincing to tell us, because one of his own appointees Dr.Tony Aidoo has boldly told the world of this government failure and asked the government to apologize to the nation of its inability to fulfill the numerous promises. In all fairness to Ghanaians, the president must be bold and precise by not shying away from telling us, how precarious the nation’s state has been under his watch.
The president, obviously will be met in Parliament with the over growing lexicon”Tweaaaaaaaaaa” even though the speaker of Parliament has smartly tried to band it.
Thank you.

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