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Opinions of Monday, 23 February 2015

Columnist: Asubonteng, Kwabena Mensah

Has the “dumsor” ended?

By : Kwabena Mensah Asubonteng

Yesterday, February 19th, 2015, the New Patriotic Party(NPP), and its supporters flooded the streets of Accra in Red and Black mourning attire, shrill music in tow, in what they christened a “won gbo” demonstration. The reason they assigned for disturbing our peace, being that Ghanaians are experiencing power shortage leading to the rationing of electricity.

After several hours of wasting the precious time of the many Policemen and women who were drafted to keep the peace and protect law abiding citizens going about eking a modicum of living for themselves, the questions on the many Ghanaians are :

1. Has the ‘dumsor’ ended because the NPP went on demonstration yesterday?
2. If not, what were the solutions put forward by the NPP, as ITS contribution, to solving such a nagging national problem?
3. What at all has the demonstration achieved for Ghanaians?
As the largest political party, and that is what they will remain for a long time to come, what contribution has the NPP made to finding a lasting solution to this most unfortunate phenomenon of ‘dumsor’ which we all agree is affecting both the economy and social life of Ghanaians.
I dare say, most disappointingly, NOYHING.
One would have thought that Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo the flagbearer of the NPP, the party with the remotest chance of assuming political power some day, would outline some measures for the consideration of the Government as his contribution to the well being of Ghanaians. Instead, it was the usual gibberish; nothing worth the worth of a future leader of this dear nation of ours.

And come to think of it. The NPP spent a huge amount of money to transport its supporters from Wa, Navrongo, Bolga, Tamale, Walewale, Elubo, Aflao, Kumasi, Koforidua, Wheehwee, Sandrokofi among others to Accra, fed them for the day, and gave them pocket money for participating in a worthless exercise of a ‘dumsor’ demonstration, that achieved absolutely nothing. And yet, they did not think a second that they would have made a huge difference in the life of a single secondary school child, if they had bought just a barrel of diesel for one secondary school for it to fuel its diesel generator to aid students in their studies.

National leaders are not made through demonstrations on the streets, they reflect deeply, they are deep thinkers who contribute meaningful thoughts and solutions to societal problems such as ‘dumsor’. The NPP, by seeking to profit from the suffering and misery of Ghanaians has demonstrated its selfish motives. Its leaders think of themselves only; to profit at the elections to come feeding on the misery of fellow citizens. Ghanaians are wise people and can read in between the lines.

NPP “Onyame Ahu Mu ooooh !!!!!”