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Opinions of Monday, 17 April 2017

Columnist: Andrews Krow

Has deception become a political survival technique?

Since 1992, the organisation of life in Ghana and the factors in society affecting the political superstructure have been altering very rapidly. There have been many changes with the political structure which are barely noticed since they could all be described by the same maxim.

We often see such developments as extension of the process and at times as improvements in administrative methods. But the changes we are experiencing are real and their effects cumulative and lasting.

The most powerful is this rapid move towards use of deceptive methods, materials, promises and analogies to win political power.

Some political strategists design their political campaign structure and message on the assumption that voters have an almost infant- like response to lies holding the position that if lies are repeated constantly it metamorphoses into truth and also, if something isn't true it won't be repeated over and over.

This was exactly what the NPP did during their campaign. The method was, "say something often enough and people will begin believing it".

Sammy Awuku in 2011 alerted the NDC that this style of communication was going to be their approach and to him, it was going to be a "payback" theory.

The party succeeded in inciting the public against the establishment and everything NDC through corruption tag, arrogance, splashing on social media of pictures of filling stations, hotels, etc. they said were properties of NDC appointees which were all lies.

Lies or lose was the party's philosophy going into the 2016 elections and from the flagbearer to the least in the party, the common philosophy "lie and win power”.

In fact among their strategists who came from different parts of the globe, packaging these lies, deception, half-truth, fact- bending became a quadrennial contest.

The party adopted some funny, simple but clinically deceptive short campaign messages such as “One district one factory, one constituency $1 million, one village one dam etc.

These are deceptive rhythms a class one child or an illiterate can recite with ease and confidence. They hammered constantly on these cheap promises alongside attacks on the incumbent as being incompetent and some voters bought into it confidently.

The unwillingness to admit that they lied is what is giving them problems in government and still appear on various political shows with bold faces to defend these lies and the bias media outlets will nicely interpret their lies to their listeners and viewers.

The parents who stood under the scorching sun to vote for the NPP with the hope that their wards currently in SHS were going to continue their education without them paying a pesewa are still sighing in discomfort.

The districts who voted with the expectations that factories were going to cover their lands are watching keenly.

The traditional head who was given cleverly packaged interpretation by the bias media that they are going to benefit directly from the $1 million to their constituencies are still in their expectant mood.

The spare parts dealer who was promised free port is still hoping for that.

The Ghanaian who voted against the NDC because of excessive loans told them by Bawumia is in a surprised mood hearing that the new administration within hundred days has already contracted $3 billion.

Our noble Ghanaians in Koforidua who were told with pictorial evidence that Edward Omane Boamah owns filing stations in Koforidua got disappointed when they drove there upon the instructions of Omane that they should go for free fuel. The real owners nearly lynched them.

Family members of Okudzeto walked into a building they were told belong to the former minister only to be chased out with cutlasses and dogs by the real owners.

This is the situation confronting Ghanaians today.

The NDC Connection

I still do not understand why after all we are witnessing and genuine expression of regrets on the faces of Ghanaians, some NDC supporters and even former appointees will condemn the last administration and even tag themselves as failures.

The lies churned out by the NPP were too succulent and touching to be rejected by any soul born by flesh. The NDC was so handicapped because it was in government and was presiding over the day to day administration of the country.

Remember Christ and Prophet Muhammed with all their spiritual prowess, suffered from mischievous propaganda and those who were against their teachings and religious exploits succeeded in inciting some people against them and their teachings. That is nature for you.

It would have been difficult for Christ to combat the lies the NPP churned out if he was the President of Ghana. At times it takes spiritual interventions to reject some of these deceptions like Christ did when Satan tempted him after his forty days fasting.

It is not wrong discussing other internal issues which people think contributed to the party's defeat and public posturing of some appointees but to blame the defeat on appointees, the leader, executives, etc. without looking at collateral damage these lies, deceptions, half-truth, etc. inflicted on the party isn't right.

Do we think the United Nations cautioning the current administration is better than the praises showered on President Mahama by the former UN Secretary General?

How about his appointments alongside the Norwegian Prime Minister?

Better still is the cathedral to be built in a country proliferated by many churches better than the 123 secondary schools?

Ghanaians are watching keenly and soon will put all the parties before the public court for the right judgement