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Opinions of Thursday, 5 January 2017

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Has Mugabe indeed been rejected a British visa?

Mr Salifu Maase alias Mugabe Mr Salifu Maase alias Mugabe

By Rockson Adofo

I have not had time to cross-check the news doing rounds among some Ghanaian
communities both home and abroad that one Mr Salifu Maase alias Mugabe, has been turned down in his request or application for a British visa. He is alleged to have been refused the visa on the ground that he is an ex-convict, a danger to the Ghanaian and the British public.

It must be noted that this notorious semi-literate, uncouth and markedly a greenhorn journalist was in the employ of the Outgoing President John Dramani Mahama to purposely do whatever it was in his capacity to gang up with equally bastards and uncivilized radio guests and NDC radio phone-in serial callers to falsely but criminally, tarnish the reputation of the then NPP flag bearer and presidential candidate Nana Akufo Addo beyond redemption.

Mugabe went further to arrange other two infamous radio hosts, Messrs Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gun to threaten on air to murder some Supreme Court judges and to arrange someone to rape the Chief Justice, Mrs Theodora Georgina Wood. Salifu Maase asserted on air to the hearing of the whole country and world that President Mahama was his friend and that he had come from the UK to purposely help President Mahama win the 2016 presidential re-election he was contesting hence doing whatever he could to paint his first opponent, Nana Akufo Addo, the scariest darker devil in the eyes of the Ghanaian populace.

When he was imprisoned for four months on the charge of contempt of court along with his mentioned accomplices, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn, the NDC government Ministers, NDC top party members and other equally politically-insane and unrefined NDC politicians trouped to sign official petition that compelled the irrational President Mahama to exercise his prerogative of mercy to release these criminals from prison in what he called remission of their sins.

In a nutshell, this criminal, Salifu Maase, sought to escape from Ghana after he failed in his tasked duty to cause the defeat of Nana Akufo Addo at Election 2016. He rushed to the British Embassy intending to secure a visa to join his family in Britain to continue spewing his balderdash against the NPP and the person of President-elect Nana Akufo Addo. Little did he know that he would be rejected for being a notoriously dangerous ex-convict with the potential to harm not only the Ghanaian public but the British as well?

Having turned down his application, he is alleged to have gone back on air to say that Britain is not a Heaven so he does not care about their refusal of visa to him.

This is completely the fools belief and saying. If he knew Britain is not a Heaven, why did he go there to put in an application for an entry visa in the first place?

He thought he could have his cake and eat it “spoiling Ghana to run abroad to enjoy his booty. The rejection of his application for British visa serves him right.

Once rejected by Britain with the reason stamped in his passport, all civilized Western countries will refuse him visa to their country.
Let him stay in Ghana to see how best Nana Akufo Addo will govern Ghana as idiot a stomach journalist turned a politician as Salifu Maase is.

There is a proverb in Akan that goes, if you chase an animal, a wild beast of course, and could not kill it but it escapes, you turn round to say, I don't care for after all it smells badly. This is exactly the view of that criminal and ex-convict Salifu Maase when he was denied a British visa.

I expect him to be remorseful for teaming up with clueless, incompetent and corrupt President Mahama to ruin Ghana rather than talking rubbish when he was refused a visa. If he has any rigid balls dangling between his two thighs or legs, let him go out on air again to threaten people let alone judges, and he will see where power lies and how properly the laws of the land will be applied to deal with him now that his colleagues-in-crime are exiting power.