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Opinions of Monday, 16 November 2015

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

Has Kwabena Agyepong Become “Nsa teaa nipa?”

The title for this write-up, "Has Kwabena Agyepong become "Nsa teaa nipa" may seem a bit curious, if not funny, to some of the members of the reading public, however, it is a question that needs to be asked and addressed.

One Mr Kwaku Agyei Nyansani in France once advised that every human being can become "nsa teaa nipa" for two reasons. What is "nsa teaa nipa" at all, one may ask? It simply means when a group of people nudge each other to point at an individual to talk about, or discuss, him or her. Once you are pointed at, either secretly or openly to be discussed by people, then you have become the said "nsa teaa nipa".

On one hand people can point at someone to talk nice things about him or her. On the other hand, people can point at someone to talk bad things about him or her. Whichever way it goes, you have certainly been pointed at.

He admonished that it is better for one to be pointed at for good reasons than bad. Therefore, everyone must try their best to do good so that when they are been pointed at to be discussed, only nice things will be said about them.

Going back to Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, the General Secretary of NPP, it is nationally, if not internationally, obvious that people are pointing at him for discussion. He has become the world record "nsa teaa nipa" holder. However, is it for good reasons that people keep pointing him out for discussion or for bad reasons?
When bad things are always said about you, you will surely suffer its corresponding degree of repercussions. There is no two ways about that.

Did our Akan forebears not leave us a proverb that says, "Din bo a ntumi wo a etete wo ntoma?" It simply means you will surely suffer adversities if you are persistently cited for bad things. Whenever you are mentioned, it has to do with bad things that you have done.

This is how Kwabena Agyei Agyepong has engraved his name in the minds of many including me. He has carved such a bad reputation for himself. He is perceived to be dining with the enemy but comes out with his mouth wiped clean as though he has not eaten but his belly is full.

If he has any good intentions about NPP and the suffering Ghanaian masses who cannot even get one decent meal a day under the President Mahama's NDC-led government, then I shall strongly advise him to honourably resign his post as the General Secretary of NPP. He had better do himself service by jumping before he is pushed.

He can help the party as an ordinary member same as most of us are doing if really he has the interest of the party at heart. Currently, he has lost credibility in the eyes of about 90% of the party members hence his position becoming untenable.
He may think he can have his own way for one reason or the other. No matter what adverse information he holds against Nana Akufo Addo, some top members of NPP or NPP itself, the revelations of which will collapse NPP, it still boils down to the point that majority of the party members want him out.

I wish he could take a cue from what Onyansani Kwaku Agyei once said as mentioned earlier in this publication.

We have to be careful about our actions as they can have generational repercussions on our families.

Finally, be it known to you that prior to then President J. J. Rawlings nominating then Vice President Atta Mills as the flagbearer of NDC, he had desired someone else long before his second term in office as an elected President of Ghana ran out. However, the person cleverly refused the offer. He knew that the country needed a change in government and so would not serve as any stumbling block to the determination and aspirations of Ghanaians. If he was an opportunist, he would have gone for it and Rawlings would have rigged the 2000 elections for him. The person's tribal orientation would have worked in Rawlings' favour to make any rigging easier for him. If he had, former President Kufuor could never have become the President of Ghana in 2000.

Why were many Ashantis never so sad when the late Army General Akwasi Amankwaah Afrifa was callously executed by firing squad at Teshie Military firing range by the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) government in 1979? I felt so sad and still do because he was wrongly killed.

Most Ashantis never felt sorry for his fate because he scuppered the chances of Victor Owusu winning the 1979 general elections on the ticket of Popular Front Party (PFP) by encouraging Paa Willie, the uncle of Nana Akufo Addo to break away from PFP to form the UNC. They felt they had been betrayed.

Kwabena Agyepong does not seem to be doing same as the unknown man in the case of Rawlings did but rather doing as General A. A. Afrifa did.

A word to the wise is enough.

Rockson Adofo